Glenn’s Misfit Ball to upstage inauguration?

Mickelson fed up with high taxes
Professional golfer Phil Mickelson normally keeps his political views extremely private, but now he’s breaking his silence because of oppressively high tax rates. Mickelson was non-specific but said he would soon announce ‘drastic’ changes in reaction to the government taking about 63% of his total income. Glenn reacts on radio today to yet another example of how progressive tax policies don’t work.  

Glenn Beck’s Misfit Ball is tonight!
Millions of Americans continue to suffer economically and more Americans are dying overseas (2 more died today in Algeria, where terrorists have taken over a gas field) but that’s not stopping President Obama from celebrating himself today! But what about all those people who weren’t invited? Those the President deems ‘enemies’ of progress? Glenn has the antidote – the first annual Misfit Ball! Don’t miss it tonight at 5pm – check out the preview and the list of hated-by-the-President celebrities who will be attending!  

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Don’t want to sit through “That Guy’s” inauguration? Glenn has a much better alternative, join TheBlaze for the Misfit Inauguration Ball!

  • 6pm ET – Real News: The Biography of a Presidency: Investigating Obama’s record on the economy, secret wars, Obamacare and more.

  • 7pm ET – Wilkow!: Was MLK Jr. a Republican? Watch Wilkow! tonight and get the answer.

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How the Payroll Tax is hurting small business
Last week most Americans were surprised to learn that their paychecks were a little lighter than usual. That’s because this administration has allowed the payroll tax to go up 2% for the new year. As the owner of a small company, Glenn explains exactly how impactful this and other measures this administration has enacted have been on the engine that drives jobs in America: small business. MORE  

Planned Parenthood loving President using 2 Bibles during inauguration
Glenn interviewed Live Action’s Lila Rose on radio today on the sorry state of abortion in America. Despite using as many Bibles as possible to be sworn in, Obama is totally cool with your tax money going to fund abortions. Lila explains just how much of your hard earned income is going to snuff out the lives of the unborn and more on radio today.  

Set up? Tania sends Glenn out to inspect deadly poisonous tree
Last week we reported how Glenn’s wife Tania ‘accidentally’ flushed her wedding ring down the toilet just hours before their anniversary weekend. The story took an even stranger twist during the weekend getaway ‘celebration’ when Glenn was sent out to closely inspect a giant hive surrounded by deadly poisonous tree. Glenn tells the amazing story of how he survived on radio today. Check it out (and see pics of the hive/trees) HERE.

Obama exits Inauguration:  “I’m going to take a look one more time.” WATCH

Meet the newest host on TheBlaze Radio: Doc Thompson’s morning show debuted today. Check out the new program & TheBlaze Radio program lineup HERE.

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