MSM’s Obama worship ruins inauguration coverage

Epic Debunking the moon landing conspiracy (video)
A veteran of the TV & film industry has made an epic video absolutely dismantling more recent claims made by conspiracy theorists that say the moon landing was staged. He systematically goes through each technological reason that would have prevented such a hoax from even being possible in the first place. The perfect video for the imperfect skeptic in your life.

Media, crowd gush during Inauguration coverage
Not surprisingly, the media was in full fledged adoration mode during Obama’s 2nd inauguration festivities. Al Roker acted like a screaming teenage girl at a Beatles concert, while a CNN anchor said ‘I feel like I should pinch myself’ because it was that good, apparently. Glenn has the nauseating audio and response on radio today.

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Tania Beck calls in to talk about her financial worries over “That Guy” jar
Glenn leads the team in “That Guy” jar violations, but instead of placing actual money into the jar he has been writing IOU’s. But there’s more to this than meets the eye – Glenn isn’t merely writing IOU’s because he doesn’t carry cash around. His wife, Tania, called in to radio today to give the surprising real reason. PLUS, get an update on Tania’s missing ring HERE.

Google Glasses: Really cool or just plain creepy?
Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, was spotted on the New York City subway last weekend wearing some pretty cool headgear. Rumors have run rampant in the tech world since Google’s Project Glass was teased last April, and now it appears as though the “augmented reality” technology is almost ready to go. Glenn has been talking about the approaching singularity between man and machine for quite some time now and the capabilities of the Google Glasses could be pretty significant.

Lupe Fiasco bashes Obama, gets booted off stage
A rapper who goes by the name ‘Lupe’ apparently went on a lengthy anti-Obama tirade during a performance at the inauguration celebration. He eventually had to be yanked off stage for his antics – but before you get excited, realize that this is not the anti-Obama type rant you’re thinking of. He’s not mad over deficits, he’s mad because Obama hasn’t yelled at Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh enough. Check out the full story HERE.

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Libs trying to destroy yet another cheap energy source
The Obama administration has clearly acted in a way that has caused gas prices to remain unusually high. Every solution that comes along, environmentalists try to take out. Fracking is a perfect example of that – there are no examples in existence where fracking actually has disturbed the water supply, yet somehow it’s being labeled as dangerous. Glenn interviews the Fracknation documentary makers on radio today for more on how the left is destroying yet another domestic energy source.

Reflecting on Roe: Pro-Life Is Not a Trend
“The notion that a woman’s choice is non-existent if abortion is unavailable makes a good sound bite, but it has warped the value of life, destroyed relationships, distorted morality, and redefined women’s issues in American politics.” STORY

Why is Ray Lewis winning the media popularity contest?
Formerly accused murderer and star linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis has been the star of ESPN lately. Not only is this his last year in the NFL, he’s headed to the Super Bowl. Lewis, who is allegedly “reformed” from his “double homicide” days, may be the only guy in the NFL that discusses his faith more than Tim Tebow. The difference is, he doesn’t get heat for it. Why are people like Ray Lewis winning media popularity contests above the seemingly squeaky-clean Tim Tebow and NFL all-time great Tony Gonzalez? Glenn explains on radio.

Obama’s 2nd term stance on gay marriage: Will Obama take a stronger stand on Gay rights in his 2nd term? Most likely not. Get Pat and Stu’s take HERE.

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