Shocking photo evidence: is Glenn turning into a Twinkie?

Mickelson apologizes for commenting about taxes
You know you’re in Obama’s America when someone merely expresses the fact that oppressively high taxes are causing them to re-evaluate a few things…and then have to come out and apologize for it. What human being on planet earth would not be annoyed that the government is taking 60% of your hard earned income? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Hillary Clinton testifies (finally!) on Benghazi
After months of avoidance, spur-of-the-moment trips to Asia, bouts of the flu, and a concussion, The Secretary of State finally got around to testifying about the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The day was far from drama free, with emotions ranging from tears to shouting, but did we learn anything new about what happened on that tragic day? Check out some highlights from the hearing HERE.

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Shocking photo evidence: is Glenn turning into a Twinkie?
Given Glenn’s diet, it’s not exactly hard to believe that he could actually be made-up of mostly Twinkie. So it’s understandable the internet was buzzing when photo-evidence surfaced that seemed to confirm what most already suspected: Glenn Beck is turning into a Twinkie.

What could possibly go wrong? U.S. sends F-16s to Muslim Brotherhood — MORE.

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The left “celebrates” 40 years of Roe vs. Wade
It’s the 4oth anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade ruling which opened the floodgates for Americans to have legal, on-demand abortions. The Center for Reproductive Rights released a really disturbing, “sexy” ad to celebrate killing babies in the womb. The clip, titled “Happy 40th anniversary, baby” is creepy on many levels. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Mob ties to… Green Energy?
“It’s a business we can live on,” Italian businessman Angelo Salvatore told members of the mob in a wiretapped conversation discussing how much money they could make off of all things green. Corruption and fraud in the green industry? Who would have ever seen that one coming? Glenn has the story – and some mob related poetry from Al Gore on radio today. Was it outrageous or responsible to teach young kids how to shoot on live television? WATCH

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