Glenn has a personal discussion with Tania and Pat

Newtown Truthers not happy with “IN ON IT!!!” Glenn Beck
Last night on TheBlaze TV Glenn thoroughly dismantled the Newtown truthers claiming that Sandy Hook didn’t happen, and the other conspiracies that the horrific act was carried out by the government and those involved are merely crisis actors. It takes a special kind of lowlife to turn suffering families into insane conspiracy theories. Glenn debunked the bogus claims once and for all.

MUST WATCH: Hilarious commercial anti-gun nuts need to see.

Glenn reacts to Hillary Clinton’s performance on Benghazi
Many are praising Hillary Clinton’s performance during yesterday’s Benghazi hearings. The press is fawning over the emotional outbursts she had during her testimony, despite the fact that the hearing could hardly be considered a hostile environment. With over 4 months to prepare, Hillary was more than equiped to handle the questions thrown her way. Did she use that time to best explain the situation to the American people, or to manipulate and avoid the tough questions? Glenn gives his thoughts on radio today.

Should Stevie Wonder be able to buy a gun?
A heated debate broke out on radio today as to whether or not a blind person should be able to own a gun. Should a disability mean the loss of your Constitutional rights, or should a little common sense be applied? Watch Pat and Glenn debate HERE.

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What to see something amazing? Pat & Stu stun the audience with MSNBC host’s high school picture. Check out the photo HERE.

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Glenn has a personal discussion with Tania and Pat
Even after Glenn and Tania returned from celebrating their anniversary last weekend, there’s still a little on air controversy surrounding the “ring incident,” and the jokes that came in the aftermath. Today however, Glenn’s attitude surrounding the event and the jokes shifted. Glenn discusses the new direction he’s taking as a husband and father on radio today. WATCH

Sen. Johnson reacts to Clinton’s testimony: S.E. Cupp interviews Senator Ron Johnson to get his reaction to what transpired during yesterday’s Benghazi hearing. WATCH

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