Obama more of a girly man that Glenn?

Obama's hilarious gun claim

Obama more of a girly man that Glenn?
President Obama said in an interview recently that he goes skeet shooting all the time…right…we’re all taking that claim really seriously. The only photographic evidence of Obama holding a firearm is in a picture where he’s holding a water gun. Not exactly the firearm of a “man”. This president has so many non-manly traits it seems rather unlikely that one of his hobbies is blasting targets on the weekend with a rifle. Has Glenn finally found a man more girly than he? Find out HERE.

Feel good video of the week
Have a case of the Mondays? This awesome video is guaranteed to be the cure. WATCH

Stephen King, massive hypocrite
Notorious horror author Stephen King has apparently decided to publicly bash the NRA for “promoting violence”. He says they should be the ones who have to clean up the blood and guts after the next shooting. For a supposedly brilliant author, it’s quite difficult to understand how he doesn’t see the hypocrisy in his statement…has he ever read one of his own books? Glenn responds on radio today.

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Why are Nestlé’s “green” water bottle caps the worst?
In an effort to allegedly be more “green,” Nestlé has produced a water bottle with a smaller cap. The smaller cap is not only a child safety concern, but when you consider Nestlé is packing water you can get right out of your kitchen sink and shipping it in planes and trucks all over the world, they’re not really helping the environment at all. Glenn reacts on radio.

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What city should you live in?
Since moving to Texas, Glenn has spent a lot of time discussing the importance of community and moving to a city where you’re surrounded by like-minded people. A new study just released reveals which cities have the highest population of Bible-minded people. Some of the results are surprising, while others confirm what we already know. Find out how your city ranks HERE.

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The B.S. of A‘s politically correct “snowperson” WATCH

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