Gore gets grilled on TODAY

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Gore gets grilled on TODAY

Matt Lauer grills Al Gore over selling Current TV
NBC’s Matt Lauer interviewed Al Gore and, in a rare “scattered shower of journalism” moment, actually asked him a few tough questions. Needless to say, Gore’s answers left a lot to be desired. Glenn breaks down the hypocrisy of progressives like Gore on radio this morning. WATCH

Iran sends monkey to the moon!
Not sure exactly why Iran is bragging about sending a poor, terrified little monkey into space when that was totally the ‘it’ science thing to do…in 1950. Where’s PETA on this? Poor little guy looks miserable. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Jason Mattera questions, humiliates Michael Bloomberg It’s hardly a difficult task to humiliate NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In fact, he usually takes care of that on his own. Investigative journalist Jason Mattera gave him a hand yesterday when he asked the mayor a couple of great questions regarding gun control on the streets on NYC…while he was surrounded by his personal armed security. WATCH

Libs: Ban all guns! …except ours
Glenn exposed the blatant hypocrisy from the left on gun control coming from the most unlikely sources, Bernadine Dohrn (wife of Bill Ayers) and other former violent radicals of the 1960’s. Yes, those are the names of radicals who actually set off bombs on American soil. They’re now calling for gun control. We can’t make this stuff up — WATCH.

Ready for Valentine’s Day?
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GOP dying – good!
The President and the media have all but declared the GOP dead. And while it may not be for the same reasons, that’s something that many on the right are completely alright with. The GOP has lost its way. They’ve essentially become the ‘progressive lite’ party. Conservative ideas, on the other hand, are stronger than ever. Glenn explains on radio today.

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Progressives and liberals look out. Stu’s got his own show!
The Wonderful World of Stu
, a new half hour program, will be a true mix of entertainment and enlightenment. Stu is a master of tearing apart the liberal and progressive point of view, and this show will let him dive deeper into the issues, bringing you the facts with undeniable humor and wit. Don’t miss the premiering this Saturday at 10pm ET on TheBlaze TV. Get a preview HERE.

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Ray Lewis’s anti-steroid regimen: In anticipation of Ray Lewis’s last game at the Super Bowl, Pat & Stu analyze the rather odd ways in which he is getting ready for the big game. WATCH

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