Busted! MSNBC caught deceptively editing


MSNBC caught deceptively editing again
MSNBC just doesn’t care anymore. They’ve completely let go of themselves and it’s an ugly scene as they hit another new low in deceptive editing. This time they used a 100% cordial, respectful exchange between Second Amendment advocates and the father of a Sandy Hook victim to vilify supporters of gun rights as hecklers. Did they heckle? Watch and decide for yourself HERE.

SHOCKING: Hillary opens up about Obama?
Hillary Clinton gave a revealing interview on Fox News last night where she opened up about the President and his shocking power grabs. She expressed her concern s about the future. It was so scary it was hard to tell if she was talking about Obama or some third world dictator. Check out the shocking interview HERE.

Ugh: GOP pushing ‘comprehensive’ immigration reform bill
Earlier this week Glenn talked about how the GOP was a dying, soon to be distant and really bad memory. One of the reasons why can be revealed in such ‘compromises’ as the new immigration reform bill being touted in Congress. The pandering is out of control and leading the party out of existence. MORE

Glenn doubles down on call for a new party
When Glenn celebrated the near death of the GOP he did not hesitate to suggest it’s time for a new party to rise up. Out with the old, in with the new – clearly the establishment GOP is not leading America back in the direction of its founding principles. Glenn’s alternative on radio today.

Mary Matalin out at CNN
But is she sad about it? Glenn interviewed Mary about the situation and she began to explain when Stu hijacked the interview in order to lobby for Super Bowl connections. Poor Mary, putting her broken heart out on the table only to have her concerns completely ignored by Stu, whose only concern was keeping his Super Bowl attendance streak alive. Matalin remains graceful throughout – check out the interview HERE.

For us, small businesses are more than their products. They are members of families, passionate creators and chasers of dreams. Join The Marketplace newsletter and get to know them as well as we have. Out of control gov: Ruby Ridge

What do you remember about the story of Ruby Ridge? The MSM has given us the impression that the incident centered around a white supremacist, extreme right winger and his family who refused to turn themselves in, triggering a bloody battle that took the lives of a teenager, mother and a federal agent. Glenn explains Ruby Ridge like the MSM never has.

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Glenn interviews Ted Nugent
Conservative activist and musician Ted Nugent called into the radio program this morning, and he and Glenn discussed the ongoing gun control debate, the bias in the media, and leftist hypocrisy. Watch the entertaining interview HERE.

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