Al Gore champions…eugenics?

Al Gore down with Eugenics?
Al Gore has been making the media rounds to promote his latest exciting book about the future (or something like that), but his vision reeks of the disturbing science of eugenics. Al Gore seems to be attempting to bring back the progressive “science” of the early 20th century. Yes, the “science” that promotes breeding the “undesirables” out of existence. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Unions just now realize Obamacare will cost them money
In what can only be described as the ultimate display of blind idiocy, labor unions (some responsible for drafting large chunks of Obamacare) are now complaining that their health care costs are about to go up. All of a sudden they aren’t so sure about supporting Obamacare. Well, glad you’re awake, but it’s a little late. We’re now stuck with this 2,000 page pile of garbage. MORE

RuPaul beats Piers Morgan: How much longer will he last?
Common sense would seem to dictate that Piers Morgan’s tenure at CNN will be over soon. Not only does he care more about how many Twitter followers he has, he continually gets crushed in the ratings. Even this tear he’s been on about guns has led to less ratings. But, maybe he’ll stick around – CNN isn’t exactly known for smart programming decisions. WATCH

Stu in the Hula Chair
For the three people in America who want to see Stu swirling around in the Hula Chair, this is the story for you. Glenn happened to see the Hulu Chair in the office and demanded to find out who spent his money on this stupid item. Stu tries to explain and demonstrate its use on radio today…it wasn’t pretty. Watch (if you dare) HERE.

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Glenn can’t get through a story without mentioning Obama
The “that guy” jar is filling up at an incredible rate and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down anytime soon. Glenn, Pat and Stu have been banned from saying the President’s name on air — they’re fined $20 if they slip. By far the worst offender is Glenn himself, and this morning even he got a little frustrated with his self-inflicted punishment on radio. WATCH

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“A circle in shoes”: See the Ravens cheerleader deemed too fat to go to the Super Bowl
There is a major controversy brewing within the Baltimore Ravens organization (read – story that will shamelessly generate a gazillion clicks). One of the team’s cheerleaders claimed that she’s been banned from cheering at this year’s Super Bowl because she gained 1.8 pounds. Hopefully there is a more legitimate reason that we haven’t heard yet, because that’s just sad. Check out the cheerleader…er…story HERE.

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