More-On Trivia: Super Bowl edition

Obamanomics: Unemployment 7.9%

Even though the rate ticked up, 157,000 jobs were added. BUT 169,000 people gave up looking for work and left the job force. In the president’s first term the total number of people who left the workforce is 8.5 million. But, fortunately for Obama, those people are not counted in the unemployment figure…if they were the unemployment rate would be 14.4%. STORY

Senator Ted Cruz thumps Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel had a rough time during his confirmation hearing to be the next Secretary of Defense. Leading the charge yesterday was Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz chipped away at Hagel and his flawed vision of the world, in which America is the “biggest bully” on the planet. Glenn interviewed Senator Cruz on radio today.

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Beck: “It’s time to band together”

With the mounting problems facing America, and a President seemingly bent on making them worse, conservatives need to take a stand. Glenn explains what you can do as an individual to make a difference, and the challenges that lay ahead if you take a stand. Find out HERE.

More-On Trivia: Super Bowl edition

Glenn paid tribute to another fantastic season with a “Best of More-On Trivia” highlight reel this morning before the BIG game — More-On Triva, Super Bowl Edition. Today’s matchup, featuring convenience store employees from San Francisco and Baltimore, was the perfect cap on the season. Catch all the action from radio today.

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Another bad progressive idea: Women in combat

Last night on TheBlaze TV, Glenn conducted a riveting conversation on the latest progressive idea — lifting the ban on women in combat. On the outside this seems like a feel-good story, but like any leftist idea, it’s riddled with problems. Check out the conversation HERE.

Armed guard stops middle school shooter, media silent

Glenn recounted a recent story from his own life where guns were banned from a local event he attended. There was a large “no guns” sign, making the site more of a target than a safe zone, in Glenn’s opinion. Are schools and other events safer with these signs or with armed citizens and guards? Just ask the students of an Atlanta middle school who are now safe because of an armed, off-duty resource officer who disarmed a shooter on their campus yesterday. MORE

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