SEAL sniper Chris Kyle killed at gun range

Chris Kyle killed at Texas Gun Range

America’s deadliest sniper successfully navigated the Iraq War, but devistatingly Kyle was tragically killed by one of America’s own over the weekend. A 25-year-old military veteran, of whom Kyle was mentoring, turned his gun on Kyle while the two were at a Texas gun range. A horrible ending to an incredible life – Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Wonderful World of Stu: Anti-Social

The debut of the highly anticipated Wonderful World of Stu program on TheBlaze TV totally overshadowed Super Bowl weekend and dominated the news cycle. Ok, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but what cannot be overstated is the quality of Stu’s brand new program. Glenn called it the best show TheBlaze has produced in a “long time” — find out why HERE.

Wait, Glenn actually watched the Super Bowl?

Glenn knows more about thermodynamics than football…and he knows absolutely nothing about thermodynamics. So it was quite a shock to staff this morning when it became apparent he actually watched the game and appeared to understand one or two things that occurred. But really he only watched for the commercials. Glenn’s take on the Super Bowl broadcast from radio today.

Pat risks life, hammers Ray Lewis

Pat Gray clearly has a death wish. On TheBlaze TV today, Gray unleashed a tirade against the sports media, largly for making this Super Bowl all about Ray Lewis and his career, especially in light of the fact that many believe Lewis to be a murderer who got away with it. Check out Pat’s epic rant that’s sure to get back to Ray Lewis and lead to a future “accident” that will take his life. WATCH

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Glenn harassed at local bookstore

It turns out Glenn isn’t immune from left wing dopes even in the great state of Texas. Instead of having an honest conversation about differences, these students thought lying about who they are and being sarcastic was the more productive way to go. Glenn recounts his run in with a couple of Jon Stewart loving losers on radio today.

Baker refuses to make cake for same-sex couple, being investigated

The media continues to try and create stories out of non-stories, and the recent case of a local baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple is no different. Glenn argues that while you may not like it, the business has a right to exercise their own set of values. How will this one play out? MORE

Wake up with Doc Thompson weekday mornings on TheBlaze Radio Network

Listen to The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson from 6 to 9am ET on his exclusive new home. Tomorrow, Doc discusses the “war on women”. While Washington state considers legislation that would ban words like “fisherman”, in favor of the more gender neutral “fisherperson”, one Federal agency is giving its employees tips on nail polish and hair color. This “war” is getting confusing.

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Super Bowl Pre-game with the B.S. of A.: While most Americans were tuned in to CBS’s live broadcast yesterday for the Super Bowl , Brian Sack and the B.S. of A. had some special coverage of their own…WATCH.

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