Glenn’s response to Ron Paul

Glenn's response to Ron Paul

Glenn responds to Ron Paul’s despicable tweet
Former Congressman Ron Paul posted a pretty pathetic and reprehensible tweet yesterday. The tweet essentially criticized slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle for trying to help a fellow soldier in need. Not only was it an incredibly insensitive post, it was remarkably misinformed. Watch Glenn’s epic response on radio today.

Glenn: it’s time to end the war
Glenn has been a staunch supporter of the military, but recent events have proven that it is not enough to simply support the troops. The United States government is failing our servicemen and women. While we may not be spitting in vets faces anymore, we’re creating a whole new generation of scarred Vietnam vets, because we’re failing to properly take care of them. Where are we falling short and what can we do to fix it? Glenn explains today on radio.

Glenn: Obama is a full-fledged woman
The president has doubled down on the hesitation he would have letting his hypothetical son play football. Glenn’s response? “STOP IT.” Even Glenn, who knows nothing about sports, was ready to revoke the president’s man-card after hearing the statement. It’s hard to say what’s worse, the president’s form when throwing a baseball or having your man card revoked by Glenn Beck. See the rant HERE.

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What justification does the U.S. government need to kill you?
President Obama says he’s got a green light to kill American citizens? Yep. If a high-level official in the government determines an American is involved in “activities” that pose the threat of an attack on the U.S., they’ve apparently lost their right to due process. The media is absolutely outraged…or totally silent. One of the two (HINT: silent). STORY

Jesse Ventura: Dirtbag
Former Governor Jesse Ventura is a “reprehensible human being” according to Glenn, and in light of his alleged actions in the wake of Chris Kyle’s death that title seems 100% warranted. He’s going after Kyle’s family for money in a stupid defamation lawsuit he filed over an alleged bar fight that took place between the two men. Glenn tears Ventura to shreds on radio today.

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Stu recaps the Super Bowl: Stu returns and tells his tales of the Big Game in New Orleans and gives a firsthand account of why the lights went out in the Superdome. WATCH

Dirty Harry Reid “knows a lot about guns”
Harry Reid said he knows a lot about guns. That said, he didn’t really explain anything that even hinted at an extensive knowledge of guns. However, he did provide some really bizarre reasons as to why he is a gun “expert”. Dirty Harry? Hardly. Glenn mocks Reid on radio today.

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Will Hagel be confirmed?
Glenn interviewed former Senator Rick Santorum on radio today to talk about the possibility of Chuck Hagel being confirmed to his post as the Secretary of Defense. There has been solid opposition to this nomination from both sides of the aisle, but will it be enough to knock this anti-Israel, “America is a bully” believing nitwit out of contention? Santorum gives Glenn his take today on radio.

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