Media suddenly cool with drone strikes on Americans

Congressman: Don’t use the term illegals

If you were holding out any hope that the illegal immigration problem would someday be resolved, you’re not going to like this story. There is currently a push in Congress to stop using the word “illegal” when describing illegal aliens. Needless to say, the voracity with which Congress is dealing with the “illegal” immigration problem is highly questionable…and concerning. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Why isn’t the drone memo the top story on every news outlet?

Short answer: because a Democrat is in the White House. If this story were breaking under George W. Bush there is no question that the media would be in complete meltdown mode. But since Barack Obama is in the Oval, the script is flipped and suddenly the “loving liberals” are all about blowing up American citizens without due process. Glenn has more on radio today.

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Oh, North Korea…

Pat & Stu solve the mystery of where North Korea got the footage of NYC being blown up in their newest propaganda piece. WATCH

USPS no longer delivering mail on Saturdays

Apparently all of the stamp rate hikes by the United States Post Office haven’t paid off. The struggling government mail delivery service has announced it will be doing away with Saturday deliveries. Surprisingly, none of the other big delivery outfits (UPS, FedEx, etc.) seem to be sharing these problems. Hmm, what’s the difference? MORE

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Kid busted for toy gun

PC madness is officially out of control. Schools are now flipping out any time a student plays cops and robbers or does anything involving even the most obviously fake guns. Some kids have been suspended for making their fingers look like a gun — it’s absolute madness. But is there a reason behind all of it? Glenn thinks so. WATCH

Best takedown of gun control nonsense ever

Glenn ripped the latest PC gun freakout at an American school by pointing out some blatant contradictions kids are being taught by authority figures, the media, and even at home. MORE

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The much cheaper Bionic Man

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