GOP savior is… Karl Rove?

Whole Foods CEO talks with Glenn about the wonders of Capitalism

Glenn interviewed John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods and author of the new book Conscious Capitalism today on radio. Mackey expertly explains how Capitalism has changed the world for the better, and reveals some of the shocking statistics from his new book. The CEO emphasizes how capitalism is the “greatest value creator” in the world. Great interview. Check it out HERE.

GOP savior is… Karl Rove? Karl Rove is calling for more of your money to “save” GOP candidates in what appears to be a major play by the establishment. Rove denies the charge, but under his own plan it seems newcomers wouldn’t have much of a shot at knocking entrenched Republicans out of the way. It’s all about winning with Rove, not principle. Too bad he has a losing record. Glenn explains why this is a disastrous policy.

Doc goes off in front of Obama at Prayer Breakfast

This is the video that’s setting the internet on fire today, and for good reason. During the National Prayer Breakfast one of the speakers unleashed a speech of epic proportions. Dr. Benjamin Carson held nothing back despite the President being just a few feet from him. Check out the fantastic speech via TheBlaze.

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Media silent on Chick-Fil-A shooter update

Remember when the media went all “new tone” in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting (while indirectly blaming Sarah Palin and her “target” map)? Not surprisingly, there is no “new tone” talk after it was revealed the Chick-Fil-A shooter went to a liberal website to select his victimes from a list of so-called “hate groups” before carrying out the attack. Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Yes, that was rhetorical. Glenn reacts HERE.

Chris Rock: Obama is “our boss”, “dad of the country” Unfortunately Chris Rock was not joking when he declared President Obama our “boss” and the “dad of the country” who we have to listen to. Apparently he missed school the day the Constitution was covered. If he had been there he would know that it is “we, the people”, who are the boss of Mr. President. WATCH

Glenn helps… Kim Kardashian?

It was an unlikely pairing, but when Kim Kardashian received flak for tweeting a picture of her gun, Glenn was there for the reality diva. That set off an avalanche of gun pictures pouring onto twitter today of people posting their favorite gun pics in solidarity with Kim. Tweet yours with #sweetkimgunpic. STORY

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Words of wisdom from Kai: Pat & Stu learn a valuable lesson from a homeless hiker today. WATCH

Shock IRS Claim: Man says he was taken advantage of by IRS agent — gee, join the club, pal. Actually, he’s talking about a real…very serious…sexual harassment charge. Check out the full, crazy story HERE. Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

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