Chris Kyle’s family needs your help

Awesome Viral Video of Baby making crazy basketball trick shots (and we have the interview with his dad)

You’ve seen trick shot videos on the internet before. Talented college kids chucking basketballs from the upper deck, rooftops, moving objects, and any other crazy spot you can dream up, and get it right into the hoop. But what America hasn’t seen is a little kid trick shot video…until now. See the viral vid and hear Glenn’s conversation with the dad, who called in to radio today.

Beck: Panetta testimony was cover for Obama

Why in the world is Panetta disassociating Obama from the night of the 9/11 attack in Benghazi? Glenn’s theory is that another hammer is about to drop – something worse – that the President needs cover from. What news is coming? Glenn explains…

Panetta shock testimony: Obama Absent the Night of Benghazi

More news the media will ignore — apparently Barack Obama had little to no interest in getting updates throughout the night of Sept 11, 2012 during the attack on Benghazi. Leon Panetta gave some pretty startling testimony today, admitting the President was basically “not there” or even involved while a U.S. ambassador was under attack by terrorists. Panetta’s testimony and Glenn’s reaction can be found HERE.

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Rand Paul exposes Obama admins gun running

Hillary Clinton was allegedly “shocked” when Sen. Rand Paul asked her about guns the United States government was smuggling to resistance groups fighting against Syria’s President Assad. Paul’s question was nothing new – the New York Times and other outlets had already uncovered it. Panetta even confirmed that Hillary herself approved the operation. Glenn explains why the entire Benghazi fallout is one big act by this administration. WATCH

Chris Kyle’s family needs your help

Chris Kyle’s family needs your help

Chris Kyle is an American hero. He saved countless American lives in his time on the battlefield. And when he came home, he gave everything he had to his foundation and other returning military vets. Like most of us, he probably thought he had plenty of time to worry about saving for college, retirement, etc, but as it turns out he was robbed of that chance. Chris Kyle stepped up for America, it’s time for America to step up for him. Here’s a couple really cool ways you can help: buy 1791’s Heroes shirt or donate directly through Mercury One. Watch Glenn’s emotional plea from radio today HERE.

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Tony Bennett sets record for most idiotic points in one paragraph

The legendary singer should probably stick to his legendary singing, because when he starts spouting his political opinions it’s not a pretty sight. Bennett weighed in on gun control and bizarrely and ineptly tried to compare supporters of the Second Amendment to Nazis. Glenn reacts to gramps Bennett on radio today.

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