Left goes violent, media snores

Chris Kyle public memorial service today

The public memorial service of America’s deadliest sniper Chris Kyle was held today at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and crowds were expected to number in the thousands to honor the fallen hero. Glenn gave his emotional thoughts today on radio — including his gratitude for this amazing audience, which has so far donated well over $500,000 to help Kyle’s family and his beloved charity. Get details on how you can support the American hero and FITCO Cares and see Glenn’s comments from radio today.

Glenn strangely upset that Stu wants to spend time with new baby

Stu and his wife Lisa welcomed their second child (first daughter), Ainslee Faith, into the world over the weekend. Like most good husbands and family men, Stu is taking some time off to assist his recovering wife and spend his first ever week with a daughter — with his daughter. Strangely, Glenn took issue with this choice. Hear his anti-family argument and Stu’s response HERE.

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Media ignoring leftist violence

A 28-year-old man from San Jose who believed he was working with the Taliban tried to set off a car bomb in California. Why? So he could frame the Tea Party, initiate a government crackdown on guns, and thus start a civil war. Luckily he was working with the FBI, not radical Islamists. In another story, a former cop who wrote a lengthy manifesto praising left-leaning celebs and media personalities before killing at least three police officers is still on the run…and surprisingly gaining supporters. Glenn reacts to the rise in violence from the left on radio today.

Glenn announces host city for epic ‘Man in the Moon’ July 4th celebration

Glenn founded the American Dream Labs with storytelling in mind, and one of the first major productions to come from the Dream Labs is a July 4th celebration unlike any other. It’s the American story. Not from some historian or even from Glenn’s perspective — no — this time America’s storied history will be told by the man in the moon. Glenn gives more details on the event and reveals the host city on radio today.

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Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi are idiots

While this may merely be further confirmation of an already well-known fact, we here at the Glenn Beck Program feel it’s important to immortalize the unending insanity and stupidity of the Democratic Congressional leaders Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Check out the latest evidence which strongly suggests Reid and Pelosi are very, very dumb human beings. WATCH

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The B.S. of A. highlights the ‘NFL Evolution’ ads you didn’t seen during the Super BowlWATCH.

Gary the Numbers Guy vs. Pat Gray: In honor of 2/11, Gary the Numbers Guy calls into the show and gets into a testy quarrel with Pat. WATCH

Wrath and Righteousness has been described as “fast paced and exciting.” “It reads like a blockbuster summer action flick.”

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Immigration Official: We have been shunned by President Obama

President Obama has essentially dubbed himself as “Mr. Inclusive”. After all, he is the guy who is going to heal the world and finally bring peace on earth. However, his actions seem to be at odds with this goal — drone strikes on American citizens and running guns to Mexican drug cartels & Syrian rebels (who also just happen to include members of Al Qaeda and other extremist Islamic groups.) Now there’s another group to add to Obama’s naughty list…and this one is a little more surprising. Find out who it is HERE.

Pope stepping down, 1st time that’s happened since 1415

It’s an incredible rarity, but Pope Benedict will be stepping down from his position at the end of the month. This is the first time this has happened in nearly 600 years. The big question remains — who will be his successor? Get the full story via TheBlaze.

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