Obama cannot be happy about this

Obama cannot be happy about this

Ted Nugent to attend State of the Union address?

President Obama’s SOTU address is not exactly the sort of event where you would typically find Ted Nugent — in fact, today on radio he claimed that he doesn’t even own a tie. Considering Ted’s lifestyle, it’s probably 100% true. Most of Ted’s clothes are either ripped rocker gear or some kind of hunting get up. Regardless of attire, the left is expecting a tantrum from Ted Nugent tonight. What will he do? Check out his conversation with Glenn on radio today.

Odd: Obama handing out Medal of Honor like candy

Glenn and Pat have been keeping an eye on a bizarre trend from President Obama — he’s handing out Medal of Honor awards like candy. Why would a guy whose constituency isn’t exactly known for its steadfast support of the military be dishing out more medals in five years than his predecesor did in eight. Glenn explains on radio today.

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  • 6pm ET on Real News: The panel takes a look at what the president will discuss in his address and gives you the truth behind his talking points.
  • 7pm ET on Wilkow!: What are the main issues Obama will discuss tonight? What should his focus be on? Andrew gives his take.
  • 8:30pm ET: Andrew joins the Real News team for a round table discussion on past State of the Union addresses and looks at what President Obama has accomplished since his last SOTU address.
  • Post SOTU Coverage: Reactions from TheBlaze team, as well as speeches from Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. Plus, a one-on-one interview between Will Cain and Senator Mike Lee.

Glenn recaps emotional service for Chris Kyle

Yesterday afternoon, Glenn attended the memorial service of American Sniper Chris Kyle at Cowboys Stadium. This morning on radio, Glenn choked up as he described the emotional event. He read the touching notes written by Kyle’s children, which were on the back of every program. Losing a loved one hard is for anyone, but it’s a different kind of challenge for the family. You’ve done an amazing job helping them so far — see how much Mercury One has been able to raise thanks to your amazing generosity and make a donation HERE.

Matt Kibbe responds to Rove, establishment GOP

Last week Karl Rove made his intentions clear: He’s going to bat for who he and the GOP establishment feel can “win” an election. Rove does not put much value into what the candidate’s actual ideology is, which is kind of a sticking point for everyone who feels betrayed by the GOP (aka actual conservatives). How does Matt Kibbe of FreedomWorks feel about the Rove startup? Find out HERE.

Sun News reporter Brian Lilley warns about gun registration

As a nation, how did we get to this point on gun control? Take it from someone who is living under much tougher gun laws than America, north of the border in Canada, it starts with seemingly harmless registration, which leads to the tracking of all guns, and then it’s all downhill from there. Canadian news anchor Brian Lilley has a warning for America. Watch it and get Glenn’s reaction HERE.

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The Flies Know

What do the flies know and how do they know it? Today on radio, Glenn speculates on the mysterious connection this president seems to have with mother nature, in particular with insects like flies. How many people do you know who could keep their face completely still while flies continuously land and take off? Glenn has more on what the flies know on radio today.

Guns in America: What does history tell us about what’s happened when the government has tried to restrict guns in the past? TheBlaze’s Billy Hallowell takes a looks at history HERE.

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What’s Toure’s last name? Pat attempts to make some sense out of Toure’s “logic”…and his lack of last name. WATCH

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