Finally, a voice of sanity in Congress

Obama v. Rubio v. Paul Glenn took a look at the stark differences between President Obama’s speech and the two responses offered by Republicans Marco Rubio and Rand Paul. Obama presents his typical “government will fix everything” solution, while Rubio and Paul offer a very different path. Check out the side by side speech comparison from radio today.

A digital recap of #SOTU: How did the internet respond to last night’s State of the Union festivities? Well…let’s just say there’s a lot more buzz around “fun size” Poland Springs water bottles than anything the President said. Get the digital recap HERE.

Did Rubio blow his moment last night

Glenn didn’t have much to say about what the President said last night. However, he did have a few comments about the GOP response from Sen. Marco Rubio…and his Poland Spring water grab that seems to be making more headlines than anything that came out of Obama’s mouth. Rubio is being touted as the emerging leader of the GOP. Did last night’s gaffe completely wreck his message? Glenn reacts HERE.

Sen. Rand Paul: “I think our country’s problems are deeper than political.”

This morning on radio, the man Glenn believes could be the first Libertarian U.S. president, joined the radio program. Senator Rand Paul discussed his approach to deficit reduction, economic growth, immigration reform, and praised Mercury One and Glenn’s audience for the great work they’ve done raising money for American Hero Chris Kyle’s family. Check out the full interview HERE and make sure to catch him tonight on Real News.

Exploiting the victims of gun violence

“Never let a crisis go to waste” — that’s the progressive motto. And throughout the aftermath of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary massacre the anti-gun advocates have done everything they can to use this tragedy to their advantage, and last night during the SOTU was no different. Progressives from both sides of the aisle exploited victims of gun violence for their own political gain. Glenn reacts today on radio.

Hot Girl, Conservative Monologue: Is the conservative viewpoint more palatable when it’s delivered by a beautiful woman? Yup. WATCH

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Investor Jim Rogers: Obama is “delusional”

Jim Rogers is one of the most successful investors in American history, and now, thanks to America’s not so “business friendly” policies, he runs his operation in Singapore. Jim joined the radio program this morning to give Glenn his reactions to Obama’s economic plan, laid out in last night’s SOTU address. Did Obama convince Rogers to relocate back to the U.S.? (…don’t count on it.) WATCH

Have you had a chance to check out the Buck Sexton Show on TheBlaze Radio Network? If not, no problem! Live stream or download the Buck Sexton Show on demand for free HERE.

Libs keep falling for fake stories about Glenn, other conservatives

There’s been an embarrassing trend happening in the MSM recently – they keep exposing their laziness as they fall for fake stories posted on obviously satirical websites. The Washington Post fell for one about Sarah Palin signing on with Al Jazeera, and the most recent fail was the Twitter world falling for a bit about Glenn calling 9-1-1. Good to see the left keeping the standards high. Glenn reacts to his bogus story on radio today.

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