CNN: Dorner a “super hero”, “had a point”

Glenn: The best investment you can make
With the government leading us down an unsustainable path, many Americans are looking ahead to see what the best investment opportunities are. As the value of the dollar plummets, there are a few commodities that make for much wiser investments than the stock market. What does Glenn think the best might be? Find out HERE.

CNN: Dorner “had a point”; rampage was “exciting”
It seems that common sense would dictate that the police pursuit that ended in the death of cop-killer Chris Dorner would be met with praise. Not if you watched CNN! They sympathized with Dorner, concluding that he “had a point” with his grievance. One CNN commentator even called the pursuit “exciting” because Dorner was a “real life super hero” to many people. Wow. WATCH

Carnival Cruise Ship degenerates rapidly
A Carnival Cruise ship full of passengers in the Gulf of Mexico lost power Sunday night. It didn’t take long for the passengers to lose their cool. Just how long did it take for people to start fighting over food? Glenn explains and shows how dangerous things can get when access to our normal lives are cut off. MORE

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Smart Meters
Brenda Hawk has been in a long battle with her power company and her sheriff’s department over the installation of smart meters. All Brenda wanted from the company was written assurance that these new smart meters were safe and not a hazard, but the company allegedly refused to provide her with any information. The story gets more disturbing from there – Glenn speaks with Brenda on radio today.

The case for capitalism
Glenn reads an excerpt from an incredible book by Whole Foods CEO John Mackey, a former progressive turned unapologetic capitalist. He explains how the progressive beliefs of his youth failed to align with the real world, and found the philosophy that does: capitalism. Glenn has more on radio today.

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MSM tries to pin murder on the gun
It may be Valentine’s Day, but not everyone is celebrating. One Miami family is in mourning after two armed robbers stormed their home and murdered 36-year-old Maurice Harris, who was trying to protect his 11-year-old daughter. Pathetically, the media described the cold-blooded murder with claims that there was fighting back and forth, “and then the gun went off”– as if the gun sauntered into the room by itself and started shooting. What if Maurice had a gun? Would the outcome have been different? Glenn responds on radio today.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from the B.S. of A.! Brian talks with St. Valentine about his holiday. WATCH

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