Tom Harkin: America has a “misallocation” of wealth

Missouri’s incredible gun control law that could make you a felon

Democrats in Missouri are working on new legislation for gun control that could make you, a law-abiding citizen, a felon. Unconstitutional enough for you? It gets worse. Glenn explains just how far-reaching this legislation could be on radio today. WATCH.

Emperor Bloomberg has four ideas to make your life better

All hail Emperor Boomberg! Wielding his infinite wisdom and illegal powers, the leader of the Nanny State is saving us from ourselves one regulation at a time. First, he single handily eradicated disease and foul smelling-ness when he went after cigarettes. Then he thrust a knife into the epidemic of obesity in The Big Apple with a ban on trans-fats, and followed up his melee attack with a soda ban that made sure you never had too much sugar going down your gullet. But it’s just. Not. ENOUGH! Bloomberg needs to do much, much more or else the individuals in New York City are just going to destroy themselves – so he’s announced new and exciting plans to save us all!

See the stunning pictures and video of the meteor striking Russia earlier today HERE.

Tom Harkin: America has a “misallocation” of wealth

Does America have a spending problem? Not if you’re Democrat Senator Tom Harkin. Yes, a member of the very same Congress that hasn’t passed a budget in five years doesn’t believe America’s problem is spending. According to Tom it’s the “misallocation” of wealth that is causing our economic woes. Watch Glenn’s epic response.

Glenn’s theory on why the Pope is retiring

This week the Pope announced he was retiring — something that hasn’t happened since the 1400’s. What’s the deal? While there haven’t been a lot of details released around the Pope’s decisions, Glenn has a theory. Find out what it is HERE.

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  • 5pm ET – The Glenn Beck Program: Dana Loesch fills in for Glenn, and will speak to the doctor who rocked the National Prayer Breakfast, Ben Carson.
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