$200,000 in taxpayer funds went to this

USDA taxpayer funded cultural “sensitivity training”

Last May it was revealed that the USDA spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on cultural sensitivity training. Now, video of the shameful event has been released and you can hear government employees basically being taught to be racist; repeating bizarre claims such as the Pilgrims being illegal immigrants. Glenn calls it one of the worst videos he’s ever seen and says we should call Congress to get them to halt funding ASAP. Share this story, make it go viral and hopefully put an end to this total misuse of taxpayer funds. Read and share the story HERE.

Glenn visited the American Dream Labs

Glenn just spent a few days at the American Dream Labs in Utah where his creative team is designing the 4th of July celebration featuring the Man in the Moon original production. Get a sneak peek at the very early stages of production and Glenn’s thoughts from the recent visit.

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Obama gives speech on being a good dad, ditches family for golf with Tiger Woods

After delivering a speech mainly on the importance of being a good parent, Barack Obama immediately abandoned his family during their vacation in favor of golfing with Tiger Woods. No wonder Obama doesn’t want the press anywhere near him – who knows what sort of antics Tiger had up his sleeve for the weekend. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Another media fail: lie about Rand Paul on immigration

The Associated Press ran a shocking story about Senator Rand Paul over the weekend, only to be forced to retract it hours after posting it. The article claimed Sen. Paul believed citizens wanted politicians who would ‘round up’ illegal aliens and send them back to Mexico. But Sen. Paul said nothing of the sort – so how did they get it so wrong? Find out HERE.

Shocker: Alec Baldwin goes on racist rant

Alec Baldwin apparently ventured outside his home this week, because he’s in the news once again for being a total jerk. This time he allegedly hurled racial slurs at a photographer, and told a reporter he wanted her to ‘choke to death’ after she merely asked a question. The man called his own daughter a thoughtless little pig, so this latest outburst should come as no surprise. WATCH

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McCain grills David Gregory on Benghazi

Senator John McCain has received his share of criticism over the years from Tea Party conservatives, but today he gets nothing but praise for his absolute destruction of David Gregory on Meet the Press this weekend. Gregory seemed clueless as to why it mattered that the truth on Benghazi be uncovered — and McCain called him out on it big time. Check out the exchange HERE.

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Stu returns from maternity leave

Stu took quite a beating from Glenn & Pat while he was home celebrating the birth of his second child. Who knew Glenn was so against dads who want to see their newborn children? Glenn reacts to Stu’s return with further mockery. How does Stu respond? WATCH

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