More shocking gun regulations hit states

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CO Dem Rep makes rape gaffe, media ignores

We all know what happens when a Republican makes a moronic comment about rape. Conversely, we all know what happens when a Democrat makes a moronic statement about rape: it gets totally ignored! Also, check out what could be the most pathetic ‘self-defense for women’ recommendations ever. MORE

More shocking gun regulations hitting states

In California they are confiscating tens of thousands of legally purchased firearms; meanwhile in Washington state a new law has been proposed that would allow the sheriff to inspect the homes of an assault weapon owner once a year. How far will gun regulations go? Glenn has more on radio today. WATCH

TheBlaze passes incredible milestone

TheBlaze has only been in existence for a relatively short time but it’s made momentous gains since its launch. Glenn shared the latest milestone: TheBlaze has passed a mind boggling number of page visits and unique visitors — check out the total HERE.

Why is Glenn defending an Ivy League professor who stripped down to his underwear during class?

It would seem a little counterintuitive for Glenn to support an Ivy League prof who’s teaching class in nothing but his tighty whities. So why did Glenn throw his support behind the unorthodox teacher and call his approach ‘brilliant’? Find out HERE.

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Five people went on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab and died

Ok…so it’s probably not entirely fair to pin this on Dr. Drew, but it’s hard to deny there is somewhat of a pattern here. If you are a celebrity and you’re thinking of ending it all, don’t do a guest spot on the Dr. Drew program because there’s a good chance you’ll turn up dead. More on the disturbing trend HERE. Pat & Stu test out a soda named after a killer communist dictator. Get their review of Leninade HERE.

Glenn appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night – he and Bill talked about the craptasticness of the GOP – WATCH

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