Who are gun manufacturers refusing to do business with?

Joe Scarborough’s radio show is still defunct
MSNBC host Joe Scarborough once claimed his radio show was being taken off the air in NYC in order to “revamp” and “expand” to a third hour. Translation: He got canned because no one listened to him. Along with a raging jealousy issue, this has given Joe a little free time…free time he’s decided to use to write about Glenn on Politico today. It’s as dumb as you’d expect. Glenn gives his take today on radio.

Can you guess who the most conservative U.S. Senator is?
Listing the most conservative members of Congress is sort of like listing the best beach resorts in North Dakota — not much to write home about. Or is it that they’re there, we just haven’t heard of them? Well, it looks like that might be the case. If you’re anything like Glenn, you’ve probably never even heard of the Senator listed as the #1 conservative. Find out who it is HERE.

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Letter from Columbine student to President Obama
Liberals love to trot out victims and play the ’emotional’ card. They believe if you just put someone in front of the camera who has suffered some harm, it will cause you to wilt and give up your principles. Well, now that the tables are turned, it will be very interesting to see how the left handles Evan Todd, the first person shot in the library at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. He also happens to be a firm supporter of the Second Amendment. Read the powerful letter HERE.

Texas home intruder shot & killed; family upset he wasn’t “warned”
A career criminal with an extended history of robbery finally picked the wrong home to enter. He tried to break into the home of an elderly Dallas man, who got his gun and shot the intruder dead. The family of the intruder is upset – unfortunately they are upset at the wrong person. They actually blame the homeowner for not ‘warning’ the intruder. MORE

Who are gun manufacturers refusing to do business with?
A group of gun manufacturers have decided they will no longer sell guns to “any government entity” in the states that are placing serious restrictions on a citizen’s right to own firearms. The logic being that they do not want to continue arming a government that is attempting to disarm its citizens. Which companies are taking a stand? Glenn explains on radio today.

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Smart Meter Update: Glenn interviews the Sheriff
Recently Glenn aired the story of a citizen unsuccessfully trying to stop the city from putting a smart meter on her home. While the homeowner Glenn talked to did speak with authorities, it wasn’t the Sheriff, as stated. Glenn sets the record straight and gets the full story from the Sheriff HERE.

Eliminating Movement: Pat & Stu analyze the disturbing trend in technology that is making us move more instead of maintaining optimal laziness. WATCH

From The Safe: Auschwitz Painting
Glenn has been collected an amazing array of historical artifacts and art because he feels it’s important to preserve as much history as possible. The latest piece he’s acquired is an incredible painting done by a Holocaust victim – see it HERE.

Wrath and Righteousness has been described as “fast paced and exciting.” “It reads like a blockbuster summer action flick.”
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