Obama selling access to WH for $500k

Liberal Think Progress slams conspiracy theorist…Glenn Beck?

When Glenn promised liberals they would long for the days he was only on TV for one hour, they laughed. With each passing day, liberals laugh less and less. Glenn Beck’s TV network TheBlaze already has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and can be seen on DISH Network – so it’s understandable the ‘Get TheBlaze’ push is causing libs to freak out. Story HERE and get your cable provider to add TheBlaze by visiting GetTheBlaze.com or calling 1-800-996-BLAZE.

Rare: Teen walks 10 miles in snow for job interview

This will probably be the most uplifting story you will hear today. A teen, struggling to help provide for his family after his mother’s death, was just starting a TEN mile trek through the snow in order to get to a job interview when the unexpected happened. He was a few miles into his journey when a local business owner saw him. Find out what happened next HERE.

TheBlaze Guns in America: Vietnam vet banned from owning a gun because of something he did in high school. STORY

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Obama selling access to WH for $500k

In somewhat of a shocker, the White House press corps actually took Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney to task this week. At issue was a New York Times report that Obama, through OFA, was selling access to the WH for $500,000 in donations to the organization. Welcome to the new normal. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Glenn ranks politicians on left-right scale

It’s kinda confusing but not really – Glenn’s left-right scale shows where modern politicians really stand on the political spectrum. But this is the new left-right scale, anarchy to totalitarian, not liberal and conservative. Where do all your favorite (and least fav) fall on the scale? Find out and see poor Natasha try and figure out who goes where. WATCH

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This is the most conservative United States Senator

Glenn lamented the fact that of the most conservative Senators recently rated on a new list, he hadn’t even heard of most of them. Why isn’t the media reporting on anything they do or say? Why isn’t the Republican Party sending them out for media interviews? Glenn talks to the #1 ranked most conservative United States Senator on radio today.

“It really grips you….I lost a lot of sleep reading it.” –Tim LaHaye, co-author of the LEFT BEHIND series.

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Farrakhan – Time for African Americans to buy up land: Glenn reacts to his latest rantings HERE.

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