Glenn presses Rand Paul on Hagel vote

Glenn presses Rand Paul on Hagel vote

Senator Rand Paul initially put the heat on Chuck Hagel’s nomination process by helping initiate a filibuster to stop the nomination. However, after failing to find what he called “sufficient information”, Sen. Paul ended up relenting and voting to confirm Hagel. Why did he relent? Glenn presses Sen. Paul on radio today.

White House threatens Woodward: “You will regret” position

Obama brought his Chicago “mob style” politics to the White House and hasn’t let up since getting in office. Legendary journalist Bob Woodward has been under attack since he had the audacity to criticize the President. Now the smear campaign begins. Glenn reacts to the WH bullying on radio today.

Keep it up! Get TheBlaze movement is on fire

Glenn is blown away by the overwhelming campaign support to help Get TheBlaze on your TV. Glenn took time on radio today to go through some of the sample comments people are bringing to the attention of TV providers large and small. Check out the comments and help keep the push going so your TV lineup has a voice that reflects your values.

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The New Normal? USDA says food stamps are good for the country

The administration is looking for any positive indicator during this time of economic stagnation and they’ve apparently found their talking point: Food Stamps are good! Yes, the Obama administration actually bragged about how wonderful millions of people on food stamps is for the country. #VomAlert Full story HERE.

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Glenn’s e-book thriller series Wrath & Righteousness examines the eternal battle between Light and Darkness while asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world? The eighth episode in the 10-part series is available HERE. Download the previous 7 episodes HERE to catch up. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our FAQ page. exclusive: Glenn’s interview with Jhaqueil Reagan & Art Bouvier.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

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1791’s Tim Didonato talks selvage, 1791 jeans with Rawr Denim: STORY

Oreo Science: Pat & Stu test out the most effective way to separate the cream from an Oreo cookie…and then of course proceed to eat the results. WATCH

Glenn responds to his libertarian critics

Glenn has long self-identified as having libertarian leanings, but lately libertarians are getting very territorial when it comes to who is allowed to be called a libertarian. For a group supposedly based in freedom, there seems to be quite a litmus test. Glenn responds to the critics on radio today.

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