Here’s the dumbest sequester point so far

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Sequestration Apocalypse NOW

The left is in full-fledged freak out mode over the coming sequestration apocalypse NOW. Only government would be alarmed at trimming a $3.6 trillion budget by 2% or less. It’s absolute nonsense – Glenn explains more on radio today.

Maxine Waters makes dumbest point ever, claims 170 million jobs will be lost

It wasn’t long ago that Nancy Pelosi claimed 500 million jobs would be lost per month if there was no government stimulus. Maxine Waters is taking a page from Skeletor’s book by claiming if no deal is made on the sequester cuts, 170 million jobs will be cut. Quite a claim considering only about 130 million people in America have jobs. WATCH

Mark Burnett’s “The Bible” mini-series kicks off this weekend

You’ve been waiting for someone in Hollywood to make something of real value in the entertainment world. Survivor creator Mark Burnett has done it: an epic 1o-hour mini-series that cost him $25 million to make. Glenn has seen the first 4 hours of the series and talked about how good he thinks it is on radio today — WATCH.

Obama snaps to reporters: “I am not a dictator.”

Wonderful World of Stu takes on sequestration Haven’t had a chance to check out Stu’s new show? Here’s your chance to see what all the intraweb buzz is all about – check out Stu’s unique take on the fake sequestration controversy! Watch The latest NRA contributor may surprise you. Find out who it is HERE.

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Listeners call in with their sequestration HORROR STORIES

Today is the big day and callers from all over the country shared their oh-so tragic sequestration stories. From extra clouds rolling in to the four horses of the apocalypse rounding people up, callers were suffering through the devastating effects of those massive 2% government cuts (a cut of a spending increase, btw). Hear the sad tales HERE.

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5th grader called murderer for having a paper ‘gun’

The left constantly refers to conservatives as ‘extreme’ in their views while painting themselves as the model of sanity. Does that match reality? Not in Philadelphia, where one 5th grader was scolded by the school and called a ‘murderer’ by her peers because she had a paper ‘gun’ on her at school. The actions have done irreparable harm to the little girl — WATCH.

MUST WATCH: Glenn’s interview with Dr. Ben Carson – VIDEO.

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