This state wants to ban shotguns

Obama admits: yeah, sequester was my idea

The administration has vigorously tried to blame Republicans for creating the sequester cuts, despite Bob Woodward reporting that they were the Obama Administration’s idea. The White House finally admitted it today – so why in the world would Obama design cuts like this? Glenn explains his motive on radio today. MORE HERE

Anti-gun hysteria continues: Pop Tart Guns

The left remains in ultra freak out mode over anything resembling a gun. School officials and teachers around the country are working hard to indoctrinate kids, as evidenced by yet another ridiculous suspension of a 7-year-old kid. This time, it was for (not kidding) eating a Pop Tart in the shape of a gun. And we wonder why America is 17th in education.

Colorado regulation to ban shotguns

Vice President Joe Biden must be pretty upset with Colorado today. The VP has been telling anyone who will listen they need to go buy a shotgun, forget about that AR-15. Now it appears that one of Colorado’s most popular shotguns will fall under the umbrella of the ban, leaving many wondering what is Colorado doing? Aren’t they a gun friendly state? Glenn explains why that’s exactly the reason to start in CO – HERE

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Glenn Beck fans stormed Twitter today once again, demanding that their voice be heard when it comes to cable providers adding TheBlaze TV to their lineup. Didn’t take long for #IWantTheBlazeBecause to begin trending nationally, grabbing the attention of the NYT among others. Who is making their voice heard? Check out the best tweets from Glenn’s audience HERE.

Get TheBlaze Campaign Update: Week One

So, after tens of thousands of Glenn’s listeners and viewers contacted their cable TV provider to let them know they want TheBlaze TV, did anything happen? Yes, a lot happened – Glenn updates the radio audience today on the impact of their efforts and reminds us that ‘this is only beginning’. MORE

FL teen gets suspended for stopping gunman from killing classmate

Schools just aren’t making much sense these days. Banning kids for paper guns and Assault Pop Tarts, and now in Florida a teen has been suspended after heroic actions. A 16-year-old stopped a gunman from shooting his classmate. What did he get for his act of heroism? A three day suspension. Glenn reacts on radio today

Mothers, wives, daughters and small business owners.

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Dennis Rodman OK with Kim Jong-un

NOW we can all rest easy. Former NBA ‘star’ and all around freakshow Dennis Rodman has given the seal of approval to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The pair recently spent time together in what has to be the most bizarre – yet somewhat understandable – meeting in recent memory. MORE

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