Banished Westboro Baptist Church member details of struggles with Phelps family

War on Women! Rape survivor dissed by CO politicians

Now that the election is over, the left doesn’t seem so concerned about that “war on women”. And for people who are supposedly all about protecting women, the left sure has a bizarre way of showing it. Once again, a Democrat politician has trivialized a rape survivor’s horrible experience and point-of-view, while arrogantly explaining why she doesn’t need a gun. See the shocking video and Glenn’s reaction.

Holder letter leaves open possibility for drone strike on U.S. soil: REVEALED

Senator Rand Paul had repeatedly questioned the CIA and Attorney General Eric Holder to clarify their position on the use of lethal force on Americans on U.S. soil. He finally received responses today – CIA Director John Brennan admitted the CIA does not have the power to authorize such operations. Eric Holder, however, wasn’t so forthcoming. See his disturbing answer HERE.

Banished Westboro Baptist Church member details of struggles with Phelps family

What’s life like inside one of the most universally hated organizations in America? One woman, whose father forced their family into this “church” managed to find her way out of the cult-like group. Lauren Drain saw the hate of the Westboro Baptist Church firsthand and tells the fascinating story of her experience to Glenn on radio today. WATCH

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Piers Morgan: Millions of Americans think I’m the new George III

Piers Morgan, the insufferable & unwatchable host (as proven by the ratings) on CNN, actually believes he is a global superhero. He really thinks he is doing something “brave” because Hollywood celebs (whom he so happily name drops) keep coming up to him (at insert name of fancy club/restaurant here) and telling him so. What is so brave about spouting leftist views that Hollywood loves on a show that only leftists in Hollywood watch? Nothing. But the truth doesn’t stop Piers from bragging about himself. WATCH

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

Behind the scenes at TheBlaze: A Day in the Life

In case you haven’t noticed, TheBlaze TV has the highest production quality in cable news today, bar none. One of the big reasons TheBlaze TV can create such a stunning look with relatively few resources is because of the dedicated people behind the scenes, like Managing Video Editor Jay Morales. What’s a day in the life of Jay like as he brings TheBlaze TV to life? Find out HERE.

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Guns in America: Should the Second Amendment be taken literally?

At the center of today’s contentious debate on gun control is the U.S. Second Amendment and its role, interpretation and place in modern-day society. Indeed, times have changed since 1791 when it was deemed that a “well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” But what does this statement mean, exactly, and how does it inform our present-day circumstances, especially in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting? STORY

Amazing numbers for “The Bible”

The numbers are in for Mark Burnett’s History Channel mini-series “The Bible” and they are remarkable. The media is always surprised when a Biblical themed show races to the top of the ratings board – but it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that the majority of Americans are Christian. Perhaps this will help Hollywood and TV wake up and deliver more programming? Glenn talks The Bible on radio today.

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