Aw, shucks: Hugo Chavez is dead

Watch Live: Rand Paul filibustering nomination of John Brennan

Senator Rand Paul is not sitting back and watching the CIA Director nominee John Brennan get confirmed without a fight, especially in light of the administration’s admission this week that drone strikes on Americans on U.S. soil are legal. Senator Paul went on an epic run of over 3 hours before getting relief — at the time of publication he’s still going strong. Watch it live HERE.

Who’s your daddy, NYC? Bloomberg goes after earbuds

Mike Bloomberg is about as close to a fascist as any politician in America right now. New York City may be in close proximity to the Statue of Liberty, but her flame appears to be burning out. Smoking, eating, soda, sugary drinks and now loud ear buds are the latest on Bloomberg’s hit list. What effect is it having on business? WATCH

Aw, shucks: Hugo Chavez is dead

You’d think when a dictator dies – freeing a nation of oppressed, hungry people suffering under runaway inflation and food shortages – people would celebrate. Many people in Venezuela are indeed glad Chavez is gone, but surprisingly many here in America are now singing his praises. Why? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Sneak Peek: Pursuit of the Truth

See the preview of Glenn’s collaboration with Vince Vaughn and Peter Billingsley HERE.

7 small businesses tell TheBlaze how Obama’s call for an increase in minimum wage would affect them. [Hint: It’s not good.] STORY

Golden roasted, lightly salted and extra chocolaty. Taste mouthwatering peanuts from a true American small business here at The Marketplace by The Blaze.

Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

Viral Vid of the day: two wild home plate collisions in one play. WATCH

Shocker: libs afraid of rise in “extreme right wing” groups

The Southern Poverty Law Center is warning about right wing extremist groups, because that’s really all they do. But the timing is quite interesting now, especially in light of the administration’s admission that they don’t have a problem using drones on American citizens on U.S. soil. Glenn reacts to the disturbing trend on radio today.

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Outside Online talks 1791 Jeans and the importance of supporting “Made in America” products. STORY

Man in the Moon update: Why is the American Dream Labs team flying planes in the Mountain West?

Glenn’s epic 4th of July Man in the Moon program is continuing production and the American Dream Labs is producing exciting results. Glenn goes over some of what has him most pumped up about July 4th — check out the preview HERE.

End of the World update: Yale’s sex workshop features beastiality acceptance

A “sexologist” conducted a survey among Yale students to get them to admit to taboo sexual behaviors and the results certainly achieved the objective. From incest to beastiality, students admitted to performing illegal acts and engaging in morally reprehensible behavior. If this is our best and brightest – we’re doomed. MORE

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