Did Rand Paul just kill the old GOP?

Exclusive: Sen. Rand Paul does 1st interview on Beck radio

Fresh off his epic filibuster blocking the confirmation hearing of John Brennan, Senator Rand Paul gave his first interview on TheBlaze Radio during the Glenn’s radio show. He talked about the historic event and reacted to the establishment Republicans, like Lindsey Graham, who strangely mocked Senator Paul. Check out the interview HERE.

The New Guard: Rising leaders bring Constitution new life

One thing is becoming clear since yesterday’s filibuster: the old guard GOP is not happy. After dining with Barack Obama last night, Lindsey Graham came out and slammed Senator Rand Paul. Now John McCain says Senator Paul needs to “calm down.” The “good ol’ boys” aren’t pleased. Is this the end of the old GOP? Glenn sounds off on radio today.

On March 13th, the restoration of journalism begins

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Cruz pummels Holder, finally gets him to relent on drones

While Rand Paul was Grabbing world-wide attention for historic filibuster, Senator Ted Cruz made some headlines of his own when he grilled Attorney General Eric Holder on the consistutionality of the U.S. domestic drone policy. It took many, many attempts, but Cruz finally got Holder to relent. Glenn has the exchange on radio today.

Senator Mike Lee: “Heaven help us all” if President can use drones on U.S. soil

Joining the filibuster effort were a handful of young, grassroots Senators in the GOP — not too surprisingly, they were mostly the new guard. These bright new faces of the GOP are comprised of a rare few who actually value the founding principles of this country and its founding documents, namely the Constitution. Senator Mike Lee is part of that new guard and discussed yeseterday’s epic filibuster, Holder, and battle for the soul of the GOP on radio today. WATCH

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Hollywood star: Where were the Democrats?

John Cusack is well known in Hollywood circles as a radical progressive (and that might be understating it). He was up in arms on Twitter yesterday, wondering why only one Democrat chose to stand up to the oh-so controversial “hey the President shouldn’t have the right to kill American citizens on U.S. soil with drone strikes” stance. Nice to see that not all of the Hollywood left are falling in line with this administration. MORE

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Twelve Steps for our country

As a country, Glenn believes we are powerless over money, power, fame, and greed. It’s time for America to look in the mirror, admit that there’s a problem, and start taking the steps to fix it. What are the twelve steps for our country? Glenn explained last night on TheBlaze TV.

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