Glenn’s moving eulogy for Hugo Chavez

Glenn Beck’s heartfelt goodbye to Hugo Chavez

The Glenn Beck Program paid Hugo Chavez his due today, going over all the accomplishments the dictator achieved. From the rise in murder to the rise in his weight and wealth, Glenn covers all the wonderful ‘achievements’ that left Venezuela with runaway inflation and food shortages. Watch the totally non-sarcastic goodbye on radio today HERE.

What happened to Colorado? More crucial gun votes today

Glenn spoke with State Senator Ted Harvey on radio today about the fight going on in Colorado over gun control. Several proposals are coming up for a vote in this swing state. If the left can get this notch on their belt, others will surely follow. Check out the interview HERE.

White House honors woman who totally loves 9/11, hates Jews

Samira Ibrahim was set to be honored by Michelle Obama and others when someone dug deep in her Twitter history. Way back to July 2012 it was discovered that Ibrahim said the terror attack on an Israeli bus was ‘very sweet news’ and on the date of the Benghazi attack, 9/11, she said, “May every year come with America burning.”

The White House believes she is a ‘hero’. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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On March 13th, the restoration of journalism begins

For The Record is an investigative news magazine with no political agenda and nothing to lose. Probing, fair, but unforgiving. Journalism the way it used to be. Don’t miss the premiere as For The Record investigates how the NSA turned America into a surveillance state. Wednesday, March 13th @ 8pm ET — Only on TheBlaze TV.

John McCain calls rising GOP leaders “wackos”

John McCain is doubling down on his attack of Senator Rand Paul and even took it a step further by calling the new crop of Tea Party GOP representatives “wacko birds”, an insult that was popular in 1871. Get the full story via TheBlaze.

Operation defeat Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham has long been a poster child for Republicans in name only but he’s taken it to a whole new level with his attacks on Rand Paul. He made some of the worst points imaginable in his bizarre opposition to Senator Rand Paul. Glenn took him to task on radio today. WATCH

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They’re teaching WHAT in Texas schools?

Last night on TV Glenn exposed one of the more shocking aspects of the progressive intrusion in American education. Quietly slipping through is something called CSCOPE which, among other things, places emphasis on the greatness of Communism and Islam while referring to the Boston Tea Party as a ‘terrorist act’. How’d it get in and where will it appear next? WATCH

Allen West joins Pat and Stu

Former Congressman Allen West spent some time scheming about how to replace Lindsey Graham and consoled Pat & Stu over Hugo Chavez’s death. HERE

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