Colorado sheriffs getting pressure to back new gun laws

Starbucks – 1, Mayor Bloomberg – 0: Nanny Bloomberg dissed by judge; soda ban denied

Tomorrow Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on 16oz sodas was set to go into effect, and despite his best efforts to try and explain the ridiculous regulation — a New York judge overturned the law this afternoon. Sorry Bloomberg. Despite sugary drinks not being "in NYC's best interest," the dictator-like attempts at "portion control" were ruled "illegal" and "capricious". STORY

This Wednesday, the restoration of journalism begins

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Mercury Confidential: The head of Glenn's investigative documentary crew opens up to about the search for the truth. STORY

Adam Carolla goes on another blistering rant

When the Huffington Post insinuated Adam Carolla was a racist, he didn't just sit by and wait for the storm to blow over. The popular talk show host punched back with a rant of epic proportions. Carolla didn't hold back — his profanity laced rant ripped HuffPo apart and gave voice to how infuriating the MSM can be. Despite being a little rough around the edges, his words manage to feel justified and perhaps even appropriate. Check out the epic takedown HERE.

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Colorado sheriffs getting pressure to back new gun laws

Colorado has become ground zero for the gun control debate, and the latest efforts from the anti-Second Amendment crowd involve threats to halt pay increases for sheriffs who refuse to get out of their way. Glenn makes one sheriff an offer that includes a box of the best pro-gun t-shirts ever (get yours HERE), which Glenn brandished on radio today. WATCH

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Al Gore: Time to mix spiders and goats

It’s really amazing (and terrifying) to think that Al Gore was only a few hundred votes away from being President of the United States. He has turned out to be totally cray-cray. The latest evidence being his most recent rant on mixing spiders and goats — yes, spiders & goats. Why? So goats can excrete silk in their milk…obviously? Glenn has audio and reaction on radio today.

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TSA Agent: We’re not safe

An expose on the TSA confirms what we already knew instinctively: We are not safe. When the supervisors are most concerned about whether or not their screeners are chewing gum — a big no-no apparently — you know we’ve got issues. But that's not even the worst of it, there are felons getting jobs with the TSA. Brilliant. MORE

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