America to blame for 9/11? That’s what schools are teaching kids

America to blame for 9/11? That’s what schools are teaching kids

An amazing story on TheBlaze today shows the disturbing lessons being taught to school kids about 9/11 and why we were attacked. One parent, going through her child’s homework, was shocked to see questions and answers that suggest America was to blame for the attacks. This isn’t an isolated incident — schools are implementing radical leftist curriculums all over the country. Glenn has more information on radio today.

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Wasserman Schultz: My $100k/year aides can’t eat because of cuts

The sequester hysteria has been off the charts recently. The White House banned tours and the Easter egg roll, but Debbie Wasserman Schultz may have the biggest “sob story” of them all. She’s claims to be concerned about the welfare of her six-figure salary staffers. How will they be afford to eat after these sequester cuts? She doesn’t think they’ll make it – WATCH.

Dr. Ben Carson is calling his TV provider to get TheBlaze, are you?

At this year’s National Prayer Breakfast a powerful speech was delivered by Dr. Ben Carson that intimidated the left and resonated with mainstream America. Today, Dr. Carson has a new message, and the left isn’t going to like this one either. This one is just for you. He wants the liberty-minded content of TheBlaze broadcasted on cable and satellite providers nationwide. Watch Dr. Ben Carson’s message HERE and join him in calling 1.800.996.2529 to request that TheBlaze be added to your cable lineup!

Don’t miss TheBlaze TV’s Buck Sexton tomorrow on TheBlaze Radio Network!

Live from 12-3pm ET tomorrow, listen to The Buck Sexton Show free on TheBlaze Radio Network. Mickey Kaus will join the show to tackle the latest news on immigration reform. Don’t miss it!

Final 2 episodes of The Bible: Glenn interviews Mark Burnett & Roma Downey

Today on radio, Glenn chatted with the creators of The Bible series on History Channel, husband and wife team Mark Burnett & Roma Downey. The final two episodes are incredibly dramatic, and the pair give a detailed preview of what you can expect to see. Check out the interview HERE.

For the Record is Now Available on DVD!

Don’t miss your chance to own the premiere episode of For The Record. Episode one of For the Record investigates how the NSA turned America into a surveillance state. This chilling, one-hour show reminds us all that with every call, every email…the government is watching. Order your copy today or you can watch on demand with a subscription to TheBlaze TV.

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Glenn’s emotional farewell to ‘best friend’ Victor

Glenn’s dog Victor has been the protector of his family for quite some time, but more than that he’s been a best friend. Glenn described just how much Victor means to his family on radio today. Victor has been battling health issues the past couple of years, and tomorrow the family will say their final goodbyes as he will be relieved of his suffering. Glenn reflects on what Victor has meant to him and the family in a very emotional monologue. WATCH

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