Dumb & Dumber: Jim Carrey

America’s Daddy: Bloomberg’s $12 million anti-gun plans

NYC Mayor Bloomberg has a god complex – he thinks the universe revolves around him. Case in point, he’s launched a $12 million national campaign against guns, and fancies himself an army of one against “special interest” gun organizations like the NRA. Hmm, the views of 5 million people vs. the views of 1 man… who more closely resembles a special interest? Will Bloomberg make headway? Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Cyprus reaches “deal”, set to confiscate money from private bank accounts

Despite saying last week that they wouldn’t allow money to be confiscated from private bank accounts, Cyprus has caved under pressure from the EU. The last minute “deal” hits anyone with 100,000 Euros in two of the main Cyprus banks, losing 30-40% of their money. Progressives have crossed a line and people are rising up. WATCH

Why Texas?

Glenn spoke with Texas Rep. Giovanni Capriglione on radio today about a whole host of issues from gold and guns to the Muslim Brotherhood and C-SCOPE. It looks like even Texas is not immune to the radical influence of progressives. So why should you still consider living in Texas? Because of how they are handling these issues. Find out what they are doing to fight back on radio today.

Sirius XM adds TheBlaze Radio News to Patriot channel Sirius XM Radio announced today that TheBlaze, Glenn Beck’s multi-platform news, information, and opinion network, will produce 24/7 hourly radio newscasts on SiriusXM Patriot, SiriusXM’s conservative talk channel. DETAILS

Dumb: Jim Carrey releases terrible anti-gun song week after releasing terrible movie

Actor Jim Carrey released a really lame attempt at biting political comedy, a song he called ‘Cold Dead Hand’ which took aim at Charlton Heston and gun rights proponents. It drags on for nearly six painful minutes before mercifully coming to an end. He tweeted “’Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless MFers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids”, before releasing the video and then got his rear-end handed to him by Dana Loesch on Twitter (see that interaction here). Glenn reacts on radio today. WATCH

Is this drunk guy singing the Villages song really Joe Biden? Take our poll HERE.

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Tonight’s Primetime Lineup on TheBlaze TV

Unbelieveable Interview: London mayor grilled by BBC

What happens when the media actually decides to go after the truth? The BBC demonstrated this in a stunning interview with London’s formerly popular mayor. The host went after his sketchy past that had previously been left untouched by the media. The mayor had gotten used to getting a pass, he was completely unprepared to answer a real question. His reaction is epic. WATCH

Glenn’s younger dog, Ella, makes a few new friends? It hasn’t taken much time for Glenn’s younger shepherd, Ella, to realize she needed to make some new friends after losing her older companion, Victor. Before Victor’s passing, Ella’s only interaction with Glenn’s other animals (aka livestock) was barking at them. However, over the weekend he found her in the backyard laying by them. Maybe they were comforting her. See the photo HERE.

READ: Glenn’s final goodbye to Victor & see pics of their last morning together.

“My place is advocating for constitutionally limited government.” Senator Mike Lee sits down with TheBlaze.com. STORY

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