Bloomberg wants to control WHAT?

Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” initiative doesn’t understand gun safety

Bad news, America. Michael Bloomberg could be coming to your city next. He’s taking his nanny state crusade nationwide with his “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” initiative. Aside from the obvious concerns of our basic rights, Glenn’s question is: Who isn’t against illegal guns? WATCH

Out of control? Does Bloomberg wants to CONTROL social media?

Didn’t think it was possible for NYC Mayor to become a bigger hypocrite? Guess again. Despite having a Twitter account of his own (personal & professional), a Facebook page, and multiple other channels, Mayor McFascist wants you to know how he feels about your Twitter account. What’s Mayor Control Freak’s beef with social media? Find out HERE.

Feel Good Story of the Day: Restaurant fixes a ‘broken’ cheeseburger for an autistic girl. STORY

Get TheBlaze: Are they listening?

For weeks, thousands of you have taken the time to reach out to your cable and satellite providers to request that TheBlaze, a network that represents your values, be added to your channel lineup. Don’t stop there! Remind your provider that you have a choice — they should value your opinion. Call 1.800.996.2529 or go to and ask your provider if they’re listening to your requests to get TheBlaze on TV.

Eurozone official: Cyprus now the template for a Euro bailout

Well, it’s pretty much what everyone expected to happen. Cyprus has set the blueprint for the way future bailouts in the Eurozone will be paid, for by raiding private bank accounts. A top Eurozone official confirmed this on Monday. Will this bailout model make its way to America? WATCH

Attend a 9/12 Project Leadership Development Network

There’s no better way to be prepared than to foster and develop the basic principles and values of freedom. 9/12 Project Leadership Conferences are a great opportunity for patriots around the country to network and to arm themselves with information that they can take back to their 9/12 groups so they can better tackle the challenges that face grassroots conservatives. Get more information about events in your area HERE.

Guns in America: How important are guns to the U.S. economy? (HINT: The firearms industry employs twice as many Americans as “too big to fail” GM.) STORY Was a college student suspended for refusing to stomp on Jesus? A professor at Florida Atlantic University told his students to write “Jesus” down on a piece of paper, drop it on the floor, and stomp on it. One student, Ryan Rotela, refused. He was suspended from the class. It didn’t take long for this story to gain national attention last week. Did the good guys come out on top for once? Find out HERE.

Hard work, passion and family are what the women of small business are all about in The Marketplace by TheBlaze. Learn the Constitution and have some fun with your family, all while supporting small business!

Top down, bottom up, inside out: The progressive end game? Global economic crisis, unrest in the Middle East, and gun control — the top down, bottom up strategy that Glenn has been warning about for years is here. WATCH Get the eighth episode of Glenn’s e-book thriller series WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS

Great news! The eighth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! Wrath & Righteousness examines the eternal battle between Light and Darkness while asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world? Download the previous episodes HERE and get eighth episode in the 10-part series HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our newly updated FAQ page.

Is Joe Biden drunk?

You voted on the infamous “Villages” video of a supposed Joe Biden dancing and singing. Was it him? We have YOUR answers. PLUS: Pat plays some of the highlights as Glenn is left guessing if Biden was drunk or not. What did he think? Find out HERE Tonight’s primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV

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