Stories so important even A.D.D. riddled Glenn Beck says it’s time to focus on it

Glenn talks about America’s education indoctrination problem on The O’Reilly Factor

Glenn spoke to Bill O’Reilly last night about the progressive takeover of America’s schools. Bill was rightly outraged at the recent story of a college student who was punished for not stomping on a picture of Jesus. Glenn said the bigger issue is with our K-12 schools. How are progressives hijacking the education system? WATCH

Stories so important even A.D.D. riddled Glenn Beck says it’s time to focus on it

It’s a well-known fact around the Mercury offices that Glenn has pretty intense ADD. “Let’s do a fiction book!…Let’s do an outdoor stage show with fireworks and special effects!…Time to start a network!…Green energy!…Let’s cancel that fiction book and do a book on gun control…3D Printers!…Bigger 3D Printers!”…Seriously, it’s a real problem. So when Glenn, who notoriously has trouble focusing on anything for more than five minutes, says there are stories and issues that he needs to stop and focus on, it’s time to listen up. After all, he often sees the big picture better than anyone in the mainstream media would like to admit. Find out what has Glenn’s (mostly) undivided attention HERE.

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Ted Cruz: What about violent crime?

Rising star Ted Cruz spoke with Glenn on radio today about the ongoing attempt by the left to restrict the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Instead of creating a national registry and universal background checks, what does Ted Cruz think politicians should be focusing their attention on? Check out the conversation from radio today.

Inside Baseball: Pat & Stu give you a glimpse of what the morning meetings with Glenn are like. WATCH

Nike sends wrong message with new Tiger Woods ad

Tiger Woods recently reclaimed the #1 spot in the world golf rankings with his win on Monday during the PGA Tour. This morning on radio, Glenn called out Nike for running an ad shortly after the win that said, “Winning Takes Care of Everything.” Glenn explains why this is exactly the message America doesn’t need.

The best cheeseburger story you may ever read

Any story about a cheeseburger is inherently awesome because it makes you think of cheeseburgers…and cheeseburgers are fantastic. But this cheeseburger story is the best cheeseburger story of all time. It all started when a young girl with autism ordered a burger at Chili’s and it was served “broken”. What happened next is guaranteed to make you shed a tear. If it doesn’t, call 9-1-1 because you are most likely dead. MORE

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Glenn breaks $1,000 on “That Guy” jar

The Glenn Beck Program has instituted strict regulations for 2013 in the wake of the re-election of America’s sitting president. So disgusted by the results, Glenn demanded ‘That Guy’ never be mentioned by name on air. Any violation is met with an instant $20 fine (which goes to charity). Glenn reached a milestone today – see history HERE.

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Maximum Freedom, Maximum Responsibility

With freedom comes maximum responsibility. Unfortunately, lately millions of Americans just seem to want all of the freedoms but none of the responsibility. For every action there’s a reaction — the problem is that we have been unwilling to deal with the “reaction” part. Is it possible to reverse course?

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