Piers Morgan & Van Jones humiliated in CNN gun argument

Why is Obama suddenly ramping up against North Korea?

President Obama came into office claiming he would be Mr. Diplomat, talking everyone and anyone into submission in order to avoid war. He said he’d talk even with the worst of the worst leaders- like in Iran and North Korea. So why all of a sudden is the United States running war drills with B-52 bombers near North Korea? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Piers Morgan & Van Jones humiliated in gun debate It’s a miracle Piers Morgan has a job. He gets little to no ratings and routinely makes a fool out of himself on national TV. Last night was one of those moments when Dana Loesch absolutely humiliated both Piers and Van Jones in a gun control debate. Watch HERE and enjoy!

Get TheBlaze: Are they listening?

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Cyprus now wants to take 80%

When they first toyed with the idea that they would confiscate funds from private accounts, the EU and Cyprus said they’d only take 6 to 9.9% of the funds. Then it was only accounts that had over 100,000 euros in it. Then when it was passed the percentage suddenly went up to 20%-30% and now 80% is being floated out there as an idea. Why is no one rioting in the streets over this? Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Glenn to Stu: Backstabbing Brutus Earlier this week GlennBeck.com had a story about what it’s like to be in a meeting with Glenn. Stu & Pat talked about it on their program this week and Glenn happened to catch the segment. What did Stu say during the segment to warrant Glenn calling him out on radio today as a ‘backstabbing Brutus’? Find out HERE.

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Could this be the new world power structure?

For years, Glenn has looked at the news of the day and tried to predict what could be on the horizon. Many of these predictions have come to pass, such as his theory that the Muslim Brotherhood would rise to power in Egypt as a result of the Arab Spring. Last night on TheBlaze TV, he laid out his theory of what the new world order could look like if there was tremendous global upheaval. WATCH

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Reason Magazine’s epic response to Jim Carrey’s stupid music video

You may have seen Jim Carrey’s idiotic anti-gun video posted on the ‘Funny or Die’ website. The clearly ‘or die’ video was so bad and it dragged on for nearly 6 excruciating minutes. Reason Magazine always produces great content – but who knew they could do an epic response music videos? Check it out HERE.

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