Obama’s shock Easter sermon

Swords, Skulls, Communist Puppets…OH MY! Glenn playing with 15 Crazy Props

Glenn is the master of using props on set – he’s like the Carrot Top of cable news…except Glenn’s actually good at it & he doesn’t have orange hair or use steroids. Okay fine, bad comparison. Nevertheless, from frogs boiling in water to pouring gasoline on guests, Glenn has never been one to shy away from using a good stage prop. Here are some of the best.

Obama’s shock Easter sermon: ‘Captains of the religious right’ want blacks ‘in the back of the bus,’ women ‘back in the kitchen’

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. is known as the President’s church, but soon they’re also going to soon be known as one of the worst churches in America if they keep this up. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of all mankind, the pastor felt it was appropriate to call conservatives racist & sexist. Sounds more like a DNC meeting than an Easter sermon. STORY

Google celebrates Easter with… Cesar Chavez?

Google is known for changing its logo on holidays, notable anniversaries, and important days in history…but it’s also notable for having questionable priorities. For example, on George Washington’s birthday Google celebrated poet Edward Gorey. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, they were back at it again. This time they chose to celebrate progressive union organizer Cesar Chavez instead of Jesus Christ. Okay then. MORE

Get TheBlaze: Are they listening?

For weeks, thousands of you have taken the time to reach out to your cable and satellite providers to request that TheBlaze, a network that represents your values, be added to your channel lineup. Don’t stop there! Remind your provider that you have a choice — they should value your opinion. Call 1.800.996.2529 or go to GetTheBlaze.com and ask your provider if they’re listening to your requests to get TheBlaze on TV.

Just how much of your private information does the NSA want?

In the weeks following the premiere of For The Record, it was clear that TheBlaze was ahead of the curve. News organizations across the country have begun looking into the United States government’s plans to scan more private web traffic and emails of American citizens without warrant. Thomas Drake, the NSA whistleblower you met in For The Record: Surveillance State, issued a stern warning to the press about what would happen to them if they tried to expose the truth. Drake is no stranger to the ability of the government to try and silence those who expose them.

For The Record is the first big step in the restoration of journalism

When Glenn launched TheBlaze TV, he made a promise to restore investigative journalism to what it is supposed to be about: exposing the truth. When he launched For The Record last month, he took the first big step is fulfilling that promise. Episode one of FTR investigated how the NSA is turning America into a surveillance state — what they discovered will shock you. If you are a subscriber to TheBlaze TV, you can watch For The Record anytime on demand HERE.

Of course Glenn is working on “vacation”….

The term “vacation” doesn’t mean a whole lot in the Beck household. Glenn’s mind is traveling at light speed, constantly thinking and dreaming up what to do next and where to do it. Plus, when you have a cutting edge show coming up this July 4th, there’s not much time to rest. Check out Glenn working on Man in the Moon over the “break”.

How many small business owners do you know?

If you support them in your local community, why not support them in our online community by joining The Marketplace newsletter?

Is The Bible TV series filled with historical inaccuracies?

Last night concluded The Bible series on the History Channel, which has been a runaway hit. While most Christians understand this is a Hollywood produced series, and some creative liberties were expected to be taken, some critics are making sure to point out the “inaccuracies” in the series. Here are a few of the most mentioned via TheBlaze.

Get the eighth episode of Glenn’s e-book thriller series WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS

Great news! The eighth episode in the WRATH & RIGHTEOUSNESS e-book series has been released! Wrath & Righteousness examines the eternal battle between Light and Darkness while asking one of the fundamental questions of our existence: what is mankind’s relationship to the spiritual world? Download the previous episodes HERE and get eighth episode in the 10-part series HERE. Have a question or comment about the series? Visit our newly updated FAQ page.

It’s Officially Baseball Season: Here are 18 Photos of U.S. Presidents Throwing Out the First Pitch

Since President Taft it’s been a tradition for the sitting U.S. President to toss out the first pitch to kick off the season for Major League Baseball. Check out these pics from Presidents past — and see how Obama’s awful form stacks up against his predecessors.

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