Obama’s shock Easter sermon

Swords, Skulls, Communist Puppets…OH MY! Glenn playing with 15 Crazy Props

Glenn is the master of using props on set – he’s like the Carrot Top of cable news…except Glenn’s actually good at it & he doesn’t have orange hair or use steroids. Okay fine, bad comparison. Nevertheless, from frogs boiling in water to pouring gasoline on guests, Glenn has never been one to shy away from using a good stage prop. Here are some of the best.

Obama’s shock Easter sermon: ‘Captains of the religious right’ want blacks ‘in the back of the bus,’ women ‘back in the kitchen’

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington D.C. is known as the President’s church, but soon they’re also going to soon be known as one of the worst churches in America if they keep this up. To celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of all mankind, the pastor felt it was appropriate to call conservatives racist & sexist. Sounds more like a DNC meeting than an Easter sermon. STORY