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Could this lawsuit stop Obamacare?

After last year’s historic Supreme Court ruling, it seemed like Obamacare was here to stay. But a new challenge from the Pacific Legal Foundation could prove the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional. What is the legal argument that has some saying the President’s signature legislation is in danger? Find out HERE.

Obama is a really bad basketball player: For a guy who plays basketball all the time, he sure is bad at it. WATCH  

Dana Loesch: The RNC’s problem

The RNC recently unveiled its 100-page, 219-point plan (aka the ‘autopsy report’) for winning the youth vote and saving the party. On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, guest-host Dana Loesch made the bold prediction that if the RNC does not change its strategy, the Republican Party will face an actual autopsy sooner rather than later. What does Dana’s life-saving strategy for the GOP entail? WATCH

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Dana Loesch interviews Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley joined Dana Loesch on last night’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss whether or not President Obama has successfully carried out his 2008 campaign promise to fundamentally transform the United States. Has Obama’s dream of a government dependent, welfare state come true? Furthermore, is tyranny just around the corner? WATCH

Pregnant mom arrested in NY for unloaded gun in checked bags

A pregnant Minnesota mom was traveling home via New York’s LaGuardia Airport with her six-year-old daughter after visiting with her husband, a master sergeant in the Air Force stationed in Honduras, when Port Authority Police handcuffed, arrested, and took her to jail after finding an unloaded handgun in her checked luggage. The woman has now been charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm. You won’t believe the ridiculous sentence that could be imposed on her. STORY

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Gov. Rick Perry talks Obamacare in Texas

On radio this morning, Joe Pags spoke with Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Governor is facing serious backlash from many on the left who are accusing him of trying to kill Texas citizens by not conforming to certain Obamacare standards. Get Perry’s reaction HERE.

6 Tips for travelling safely overseas

International travel is all about using good common sense. Baghdad may not be the safest place in the world right now, but there are still a few good places to get a great ice-cream cone or some fresh hummus without putting yourself in any kind of extreme danger. Here are six things you can do to stay safe while travelling overseas.

Guns in America: Are Americans really giving up their guns?

TheBlaze.com looks at the polling numbers behind American gun ownership. Are they accurate? STORY

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