Columbia hires cop killer as adjunct professor

Columbia hires cop killer as adjunct professor

Former Weather Underground domestic terrorist Kathy Boudin, whose role in the murder of 2 police officers and a Brinks security guard landed her 22 years in prison, is now a prestigious professor at Columbia University. Nothing like honoring a despicable cop killer with a position to influence America’s youth. Stay classy, Columbia. MORE

Can the GOP ever win back the African American vote?

Dana Loesch is filling in for Glenn while he is on vacation and this week she spoke with what the GOP hopes will be a growing crowd: African American conservatives. What is the GOP doing wrong? Can they repair the damage and widen the appeal? WATCH

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What’s really going on in North Korea? Doc translates propaganda video — WATCH.

What’s it like to live next door to an insane, missile-parade happy dictator?

Doc Thompson filled in for Glenn on radio today and added some unique perspective to the North Korea situation. Doc’s wife and her family are from South Korea and know first hand what it’s like to live next door to maniacal strong men dictators. Hear all about the structures built to stop invasions and more — HERE.

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The Road To Confiscation: The chart that explains what caused the Cyrpus downfall.

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Shocking border discovery sums up why we have an illegal immigration problem

Rep. Jason Chaffetz took a trip to the U.S./Mexican border and was stunned at what he saw. In sections without a fence or a wall, access to America isn’t just possible, it’s practically welcomed. Walkways, steps, even hand rails make it appear as if these illegal immigration paths were approved by OSHA. MORE

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