Glenn: We are in a country that no longer recognizes the truth

THE LATEST: Napolitano admits: Saudi was put on watch list

All week, TheBlaze has been following up on the Saudi national who was initially investigated for several hours before being downgraded to merely a witness and ultimately released. Where is he now? What did authorities find in his apartment? These are just some of the questions remaining as the case continues to unfold. And earlier today, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano revealed that Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi was indeed placed on a watch list. MORE

Glenn: We are in a country that no longer recognizes the truth

In the days following the Boston Marathon bombing, we watched the utter failure of both the media and the government to provide factual, accurate, and truthful information to the American people. As a result, there has been a ‘disinformation campaign’ of falsities and conspiracies that disrespect all those affected by the bombing. But can Americans even recognize the truth anymore? Glenn reacts on radio this morning.

It wouldn’t be the first time America & Saudi Arabia did this…

TheBlaze has caught some heat from government officials and others for its ongoing reports about the Saudi national who, in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, has been handled in a way that leaves far more questions than answers. Why the media is so quick to defend the government is curious, considering after 9/11 several private planes shuttled Saudi nationals out of America when all other planes were grounded. Glenn has more on radio today.

In Gosnell trial, 3 counts of murder tossed out by judge, 5 remain

Kermit Gosnell, the evil abortion doctor who severed the brain stems of babies born alive, has managed to avoid several charges – including 3 counts of murder! – so far in his trial. Several murder charges still remain, but the arguments used to stave off the first wave of charges were ridiculous. The judge’s decision to toss those charges against Gosnell is simply inexplicable. Get the very latest updates on the trial via TheBlaze.

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Behind the Scenes: Take a look inside the breaking news coverage from the Dallas studio and TheBlaze newsroom in NYC. PHOTOS

More taxes coming: The Marketplace Fairness Act

Here comes another punitive tax in the name of fairness from the Obama administration. For a group of lefties hailed as ‘Ivy League geniuses’, it sure does seem like all they do is sit around thinking of new things to tax. Now they want slap more taxes on internet sales — you know, all in the name of fairness or something. Glenn reacts on radio.

“We should have as many channels as we can on TV, and TheBlaze is certainly one of the good ones.”

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