The hammer drops on Napolitano

The Hammer Drops: Read the Saudi national’s event file

The DHS storyline regarding the Saudi national who was initially detained but mysteriously released has been changing by the minute. Glenn reveals part of the actual event file created for the Saudi national and the evidence clearly refutes Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s claims. Check out the file and Glenn’s reaction HERE.

Glenn reacts to Janet Napolitano’s shocking admission

Glenn reacted on radio this morning to Janet Napolitano’s shocking admission yesterday that yes, the Saudi national was placed on a watch list. She tried her best to make excuses, but her answers are quite incriminating. Glenn breaks down the stunning facts on radio today.

UPDATE: Judge reinstates murder charges against Gosnell

The trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell took a surprising turn this morning when the judge decided to reinstate some of the murder charges that had previously been dismissed. Is this a sign of what’s in store for Gosnell? Get the very latest on the trial via TheBlaze. How is Fox News’ Bret Baier covering the Saudi national story? The mainstream media has been relatively silent on the Saudi national since he was downgraded from a ‘person of interest’ to a mere ‘witness’ in the Boston Marathon bombing. But last night, Fox News’ Bret Baier covered the story, not on air but during a video post on his blog, “The Daily Bret.” Why is Glenn giving Bret the benefit of the doubt? And what message does Glenn have for other journalists?

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BOSTON UPDATE: Tamerlan Tsarnaev was listed on U.S. Gov’t terror database

Well, it appears there’s more breaking information in the Boston bombing investigation. In the days after the attacks, law enforcement officials apparently had no clue who could possibly be responsible. How in the world was Tamerlan’s name not on their radar, given that we now know his name was on a U.S. suspected terrorist database? STORY

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Here’s the radical mosque the Boston terrorists frequented

We now know that two of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing regularly attended the Boston Islamic Society. The media, however, keeps running with the story that the pair were radicalized on the internet. So what’s the story with this mosque? For starters, one of it’s founders is a convicted terrorist serving prison time. But it gets worse. National security and terrorism expert Patrick Poole joined the radio program this morning to explain. WATCH

Exposing the truth about guns: CONTROL

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