I respect you, but you’re talking to me like I’m a 3rd grader

INSPIRING: Homeless man trying to get his life together

We’ve all been there – walking down the city street and someone jingles a cup and asks you for some spare change. Most assume the person is just unwilling to work and is attempting to scam a few bucks from others, but as this video proves, it is unwise to judge so quickly. Ronald Davis of Chicago describes being called a “bum” and tearfully explains that he is a human being first. WATCH

Bush vs. Clinton in 2016: Glenn warns Glenn

President George W. Bush was in the news this week for the opening of his Presidential Library, and also comments he made about his brother Jeb. He’s apparently encouraging Jeb to run for President in 2016, which could set up a scary scenario: Bush vs. Clinton in 2016. Glenn reacts on radio.

State Department tries to shut down Saudi investigation

The latest information on TheBlaze’s investigation into the Saudi national reveals the State Department is trying to prevent as many people as they can from accessing the information. What happens if federal officials attempt to access this Saudi’s file? They won’t get very far. Glenn has the latest information on radio today.

Glenn to Sen. Jeff Flake: I respect you, but you’re talking to me like I’m a 3rd grader

Glenn has always been a fan of Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) because of his fiscal conservatism. But Flake raised some eyebrows when he chose to join the so-called “Gang of Eight” to pass comprehensive immigration reform. This morning, Flake joined the radio program to discuss the latest developments on the immigration bill, and it is safe to say things got a little heated. Watch the fiery interview HERE.

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Need more Glenn, Pat & Stu? You can now download the radio podcasts of Glenn and Pat & Stu on iTunes! Just subscribe to each show and they’ll be waiting for you to playback whenever you want. You can find the full Glenn Beck Program HERE and Pat & Stu HERE. Congressman destroys Obama’s foreign policy in 58 seconds

Glenn played the audio of freshman Congressman Tom Cotton’s brief yet powerful statements on terrorism and the Obama Administration’s policies on radio today. Congressman Cotton’s time on the floor will surely spark debate as he compared the number of jihadists who reached their targets in the United States under Obama vs. George W. Bush. Watch the comments and Glenn’s reaction HERE. Exposing the truth about guns: CONTROL CONTROL, the latest book from Glenn Beck, hits bookstores nationwide! Backed up by hundreds of sources, Glenn exposes the truth about guns. What’s the push to restrict your Second Amendment rights really about? CONTROL. Pre-order your copy today.

Man in the Moon robots: See what’s happening behind the scenes of Glenn’s July event. You’ll dare to hope and dream again…WATCH.

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AT&T U-verse has created a form for you to fill out to request that TheBlaze be added to your channel lineup. Please take a moment to complete the form HERE and call 1.800.996.2529 to request TheBlaze be added to your channel lineup. Tonight’s primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV

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