The truth about guns is exposed

‘I’m going to grab your baby, and don’t resist': Cops, CPS ‘snatch’ baby from parents

A seemingly crazy story is developing in California as a couple is claiming that CPS ‘snatched’ their 5-month-old baby boy out of their home after they sought a 2nd medical opinion. Is this another case of progressives believing they know better than the individual? They even caught part of the baby-grab on video. Read the story and watch the clip HERE.

It’s a “no brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist”

The definition of marriage has been debated many times, but recently the radical left has made headway in successfully leading a PR campaign to change it for good. But is it just about so called ‘equal rights’ or is it something more? One prominent activist didn’t hide the real target — marriage itself. MORE

Why is it so vital to get the truth out about the Second Amendment?

Glenn’s new book CONTROL comes out tomorrow and it’s all about the real reason behind the push to restrict or ban guns. What progressives are doing is not about guns, it is all about control. Any of your friends who are not progressive, whether they’re Democrat, liberal, conservative, Republican or libertarian, Glenn explains why they should read CONTROL. WATCH

TOMORROW: The truth about guns is exposed

CONTROL, the latest book from Glenn Beck, hits bookstores nationwide TOMORROW! Backed up by hundreds of sources, Glenn exposes the truth about guns. What’s the push to restrict your Second Amendment rights really about? CONTROL. Pre-order your copy today or pick one up in a bookstore near you TOMORROW.

Is Obama really focused on the economy?

If it seems like President Obama vacations and golfs most of the time and occasionally takes a break to talk about the economy — that’s because it’s apparently true. According to a new report, the President actually spends more time on the links and kicking back than working on the economy. Given the results, it’s not all that shocking. Glenn reacts on radio today.

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Downfall of Journalism: White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Glenn actually agrees with Tom Brokaw on something – his disdain for the White House Correspondents’ dinner. Perhaps Sarah Palin said it best, referring to the ‘assclown’ politicians & media having a ‘nerd prom’ while the rest of America struggles in this terrible economy. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Tonight’s primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV

  • 5pm ETThe Glenn Beck Program: More questions than answers…As more details are exposed on the Tsarneav brothers, more questions arise.
  • 6pm ETReal News: Islam, jihad, & radicalizations. The panel explores the path to radicalization and the law enforcement quandary that follows.
  • 7pm ETWilkow!: Amnesty for all? Andrew exposes the Gang of 8’s loopholes.
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Glenn wins TriBeCa Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Award

Glenn isn’t the prototypical person to win an award at the TriBeCa Film Festival. Conservatives aren’t usually all the accepted in those circles – but Glenn talks about this award and some of the amazing innovators he met & saw at the awards show. See Glenn’s comments HERE.

Go behind the scenes with Glenn at the TriBeCa Film Festival’s Disruptive Innovation Awards: PHOTOS

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