Glenn reacts to SHOCKING story of baby snatched from parent’s arms

Glenn reacts to SHOCKING story of baby snatched from parent’s arms

It’s quite possibly the most shocking story Glenn has ever seen – armed officers and a Child Protective Services worker storm into a home and literally take a baby from the mother’s arms and leave. It’s all caught on video, and the officer can be heard saying, “I’m going to take your baby, don’t resist” before leaving with the child. Glenn’s reacts to the story on radio today.

Irony? Van Jones arrested while protesting for coal miners’ benefits

President Obama’s former advisor and green jobs czar Van Jones was arrested yesterday outside of a federal courthouse in St. Louis, Missouri during a protest against “Big Coal.” There is obvious irony in the fact that Van Jones was arrested for protesting in support of the very same miners his green energy campaigns have sought to put out of business. So why did he “volunteer” to be arrested? WATCH

Rep. Louie Gohmert: We have a broken system

On radio this morning, Glenn interviewed Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) about the national security threats facing the United States. From the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing to immigration reform to the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood, Rep. Gohmert candidly spoke about the shortfalls of the U.S. government and the intelligence community. WATCH

Glenn debates… Piers Morgan?

Glenn’s new book CONTROL is out today and it provides the response to every gun argument being trotted out by the left. All of the claims they make are soundly refuted in this book, and many of said claims were made by Piers Morgan. See Glenn thump the myths HERE.

The most effective pro-gun billboard ever? PHOTO

Exposing the truth about guns: CONTROL

CONTROL, the latest book from Glenn Beck, hits bookstores nationwide TODAY! Backed up by hundreds of sources, Glenn exposes the truth about guns. What’s the push to restrict your Second Amendment rights really about? Pick up a copy TODAY.

Unanswered Questions on Boston Marathon bombing

The investigations into the Boston Marathon bombing have taken some interesting turns. There are now allegedly multiple persons of interest being sought, the judge in the case has a curious background, and of course the crazy bomb mom keeps talking. Glenn has the latest updates and more details on possible Saudi involvement.

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What’s your Constitutional IQ? This popular game is on a mission to teach ‘constitutional literacy’. STORY

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GLENN CRUSHED: Lemony Snicket author loves Occupy Wall Street

Not sure why Glenn would be shocked that one of his favorite authors is a flaming progressive, but he managed to find a way to be shocked that a popular author loves big government. Glenn explains his discovery and subsequent disappointment on radio today. WATCH

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