3 arrested in Boston Marathon case

It’s all about control

There was an amazing string of stories in the news yesterday. From the government snatching babies to schools forcing 13-year-olds to pretend they are lesbian lovers (without parental permission) – it was a crazy day. Glenn’s monologue on last night’s TV show explains the common thread all of these stories share: control. WATCH

Three more arrested in connection with Boston Marathon bombings

There is breaking news today out of Boston as the Boston Police Department announced the arrest of three more suspects in connection to the Marathon bombing. The suspects were arraigned on a variety of charges – including visa violations. Could this attack have been prevented? Get Glenn’s response and the latest details HERE.

Middle school girls forced to ask for “lesbian kiss” in anti-bullying presentation…and it only gets worse from there

A very disturbing story coming out of New York this week exposes a school that took its anti-bullying demonstration just a tad too far. They covered a wide range of controversial sexual issues, forced 13-year-old girls to pretend to be lesbian lovers, advised boys to always carry a condom, and gave tips on how to spot ‘sluts’. Glenn reacts on radio today.

Glenn interviews parents of baby taken by police, reacts on radio

Yesterday, TheBlaze brought you the heartbreaking story of a couple who appear to be great parents trying to care for their child, but CPS forcibly removed their son from the home. Glenn interviewed the couple on TV last night – check out the interview and Glenn’s thoughts about the situation. WATCH

New report says Saudi Arabia warned U.S. of Tamerlan Tsarnaev

According to a new report, Saudi Arabia warned the U.S. and Great Britain about Tamerlan Tsarnaev. They were so concerned about him they didn’t even allow him to enter their country. America on the other hand – we not only let him in, we gave him and his family over $100,000 in welfare. Glenn has more on radio.

It’s not about guns, it’s about control History has proven that guns are essential to self-defense, community protection and liberty — but tragedy is a powerful force and has led many to believe that guns are the enemy, that the Second Amendment is outdated, and that more restrictions or outright bans on firearms are the solution. They’re wrong. In CONTROL, Glenn presents a passionate, fact-based case for guns that reveals why gun control isn’t really about controlling guns at all. It’s about controlling us. Reclaim the debate today — pick up a copy of CONTROL in bookstores nationwide or order a copy online today.

Obama touts Jason Collins at Benghazi presser

You’ve seen it a million times before — a President wraps up a press conference and all the reporters yell questions in desperate hope of an answer as he walks off. The President never obliges, except this time, President Obama did. After finishing his press conference on Benghazi and walking away, Obama stopped, turned around, and returned to the podium to say how proud he is of Jason Collins. Glenn reacts to the moment on radio.

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Glenn meets another star athlete he has no clue about

It is a well known fact that Glenn Beck knows absolutely nothing about sports. He is the least athletic man in the history of mankind. When he met future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols, he had no idea who he was. Yesterday, Glenn met one of the best defensive players in NFL history – find out who HERE. For us, small businesses are more than their products. They are members of families, passionate creators and chasers of dreams. Shop the Marketplace today and save 41% off the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Listen to TheBlaze Radio Network all week for your chance to win a copy of Glenn’s new book, CONTROL. Just listen to The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson from 6-9am ET & Jay Severin between 2-5pm ET for your chance to win! You can listen to TheBlaze Radio Network for free online and on your mobile device with TheBlaze App & iHeartRadio App.

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