RIP Common Sense

RIP Common Sense: squeaky clean student facing felony charges over idiotic gun law

When an honors high school senior just days away from graduating is in danger of losing his chance to receive his diploma over an innocent mistake, the story can go viral. When the mistake has to do with guns and the kid totally did the right thing but is now facing felony charges because of it – then it really goes viral. FULL STORY

TheBlaze TV adds another major cable provider

Today is a big day not only for TheBlaze TV but for you. It was YOU who let your voice be heard when you demanded (and continue to demand) TheBlaze TV be carried by your TV provider. Cablevision, one of the largest providers in the country and one of the most influential, has now announced it will carry TheBlaze. Glenn reacts to the news on radio today.

Harry Reid warns of coming Obamacare ‘train wreck’

Harry Reid is among the growing number of prominent Democrats who seem to be jumping ship on Obamacare. He agreed with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus that Obamacare is a ‘train wreck’ waiting to happen, unless – wait for it – it gets MORE money from the government to save it. Most of the bill hasn’t even kicked in yet and it already needs to be saved? Sounds like a typical government program. Glenn responds – WATCH.

A backstage journey at the NRA: We have reached a crossroads in American history. Rights are being lost, responsibilities are being forgotten. And in pockets throughout the country, everyday people are gathering to try and hold onto what made this country great – the values and principles that we were founded on. This week, Glenn is standing alongside those gathered in Houston, TX with the NRA in support of the Second Amendment. These are the stories of those people, of this moment. MORE

TheBlaze announces partnership with legendary film producers

You may not know them by name, but you definitely know their work: Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Rain Man, Minority Report, and one of the top grossing documentaries of all time, 2016: Obama’s America. So what does that have to do with TheBlaze? You can expect many exciting new projects in the near future – see the full release HERE.

Are we too far down the road with the Muslim Brotherhood

Last night on TV, Glenn explained the latest updates in the Boston Marathon investigation and the background on why the U.S. and Saudi Arabia seem to put their relationship ahead of the rule of law. Glenn breaks it all down HERE.

“Because it’s right, I will stand”

Glenn explains how and why he ended up becoming a member of the NRA. Glenn isn’t exactly the ‘join things’ kind of guy – the only other organization he’s joined is his church. Glenn recounts the turning point and who he was interacting with when he decided it was right to stand with the NRA. MORE

1791 Stands with the NRA: Get the limited edition ‘Gun Debate Settled Since 1791′ T-shirt and ‘1791 Stands with the NRA’ T-Shirt while supplies last. Hurry supplies are limited, visit to get yours now

California to fund gun confiscation law

Back in March, TheBlaze exposed how progressives are keeping a close watch on a gun confiscation program. Will the states provide a backdoor way for progressives to achieve gun control? California’s latest vote may be the first domino to fall. Is your state next? Glenn has more on radio today.

The B.S. of A.‘s hilarious commercial for Glenn’s new book CONTROL: WATCH

What’s your Constitutional IQ? This popular game is on a mission to teach ‘constitutional literacy’. STORY

‘Keep playing games!’ Illinois Legislator goes off on sneaky Dems

An Illinois legislator is apparently fed up with the sneaky tactics being employed by Democrats in the state legislature. Frustrated with the old ‘sneak something totally unrelated into the bill’ routine, he just couldn’t take it anymore and let his fellow lawmakers know exactly how he feels. Glenn played the clip and reacted on radio today. WATCH

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