NBC reporter: What does the hammer & sickle mean?

Media fail on May Day: What does the hammer & sickle mean?

A lone man with with a video camera captured some really interesting comments from Sen. Dick Durbin and a local NBC reporter during the leftist (and notoriously Communist) May Day rallies this week. What did Durbin and the reporter say when asked about the Soviet flags flying at the rally? WATCH

Houston airport shooter left a suicide note

The timing seems incredible – the NRA convention is in Houston and all of a sudden a crazy man comes running into the Houston airport with an AR-15 and shoots it into the air. The shooter ended up putting the gun down, pulling out another and committing suicide. What was in his suicide note? Find out HERE.

Green jet fuel only costs $59 a gallon

The term ‘green’ jet fuel is a bit of an oxymoron, but that’s not stopping someone from trying to make a buck – ok, a lot of bucks – off the green movement. Regular jet fuel goes for under $4 a gallon – this green jet fuel goes for the low low price of $59 a gallon. Why aren’t airlines jumping all over this? Glenn reacts on radio today.

Glenn’s NRA speech tomorrow night: Want to watch Glenn’s sold out speech at the ‘Stand and Fight’ rally tomorrow night? Click Here.

Job app for Canada’s CBC: any race (except caucasian) may apply

Glenn read quite an interesting ad played by the Canadian government during their children’s broadcast on CBC asking for anyone of any race (except caucasian) apply. Would that be legal in the United States? Apparently it’s totally cool in Canada. Glenn interviews Brian Lilley of Sun News on radio today.

Information is power. Those without it have nothing.

Tragedy has led many to believe that guns are the enemy and restricting your rights will somehow solve everything. They’re wrong. Gun control is about much more than just guns — it’s about controlling us. Reclaim the debate with Glenn’s new book CONTROL. Order a copy online now or pick one up in bookstores nationwide.

Colion Noir isn’t your typical gun advocate: Watch him tell Glenn his story HERE.

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Could this sketch get the Wonderful World of Stu canceled?

Jeffy has done a lot of horrible, creepy things that would call for his resignation…but honestly, this may have been the worst. WATCH

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#FreeCole update: Jerry Falwell, Jr. & Liberty University offer help

Cole Withrow’s life was thrown into disarray over a simple mistake: he forgot his gun in his car and drove to school. When he realized his mistake he tried to make it right by asking his parents to come and get it. The school decided to call police on the honors student. What did Liberty University and Jerry Falwell Jr. do when they saw the story? Find out HERE.

#Trainwreck: Dems admitting Obamacare a disaster. WATCH

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