Weiner’s humiliating comeback ad

Cray Cray: Shocking London terror attack

Late yesterday, news broke of a gruesome and bizarre terror attack in downtown London. Two men armed with knives, axes and a machete brutally killed a 25-year-old British soldier who was described as a funny, witty man who loved his 2-year-old son Jack. More on the attack from radio today.

Ted Cruz: I don’t trust republicans

Ted Cruz has been declared enemy #1 by the left. Cruz recently had some harsh words for the establishment GOP, namely he said he doesn’t trust republicans. That’s quite a statement for a sitting politician to make and shows that Cruz is not afraid to stand on his own. The audio on radio today.

Wonderful World of Stu: Is Green Energy the future?

NYC getting worse than it deserves? Anthony Weiner throws hat in the ring to replace Bloomberg with world’s worst campaign vid

What has NYC done to deserve an Anthony Weiner comeback? Surely even the worst elements in NYC don’t warrant the suffering and pain that comes along with having a Weiner run for Mayor. Whatever the reason, Weiner is back – and he created a horribly cheesy video to kick off the campaign. Brace yourself – Weiner humiliation in 3, 2, 1…CLICK.

Oh well: Dana Loesch banned from Piers Morgan’s show

Dana Loesch elicited the ire of Piers Morgan after tweeting about the London attack and tying it to gun control. The ever humble Piers Morgan just had to punish Dana for making such a good point. He actually thought he taught her a lesson by unfollowing her on Twitter and banning her from his show that no one watches. LOL. WATCH

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#24forOK Radiothon

This morning, The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson and producer Skip Lacombe kicked off a broadcast for 24 hours to raise money for Mercury One’s Midwest Tornado Relief Fund with support from TheBlaze Radio Network‘s Glenn Beck, Jay Severin, Buck Sexton, Pat & Stu and other special guests. Join in HERE.

Glenn on the ground in Oklahoma with stories of hope and inspiration: WATCH

Dems politicize tornado

Didn’t take long for sleazy politicians to jump right in and and politicize the devastating tornado that hit Moore, OK. From Global Warning to the sequester to scandals, the left showed no tact in using the tragedy to promote their pet agenda of choice. WATCH

Calling All History Buffs!

Glenn’s looking for some GREAT untold (or misunderstood) stories from American history for an upcoming project. The stories can be from any era, but they should be things that will amaze, inspire or educate. Know of one that fits the bill? Click the link below & tell us all about it!

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