Hero or villain?

Hero or villain? Glenn reacts to NSA Whistleblower

As soon as The Guardian released the name of the NSA whistleblower as 29-year-old Edward Snowden over the weekend, Glenn took to Twitter to praise Snowden’s actions as courageous and heroic. This morning on radio, Glenn elaborated on his position – reiterating that he supports Snowden’s decision to come forward. Because it’s not 100% certain what his real motives were, Glenn warned against lionizing Snowden. Will this government overreach prove to be America’s “last exit” or will we finally wake up and fight back? WATCH

Mercury One still helping in Oklahoma

The normal first day of an internship involves mundane paperwork and awkward conversations with new co-workers. But Mercury One is not your normal operation and the intern blog chronicles what it was like the very first day on the job – on the ground in Oklahoma. MORE

Glenn’s latest book, The Eye of Moloch, comes out TOMORROW

The latest battle for freedom is underway in Glenn’s new novel, The Eye of Moloch, which will be available in bookstores everywhere tomorrow – June 11th! The targeting of the TEA Party by corrupt and ruthless enforcers of an out-of-control government; the co-opting of the press and the attempted elimination of reporters who won’t play ball; the ongoing dark side PR-minded machine that hides the truth, destroys enemies, and keeps the power elite out of the reach of law; and the power of the individual to change the world for the better. Sound like headlines from today’s newspaper? That is the storyline of The Eye of Moloch,the brand new thriller and follow up to #1 bestselling political thriller The Overton Window.

DHS Insider: It’s about to get ugly

Over the weekend, Glenn read a shocking story out of the Canadian press where a DHS insider warned that things were about to get very ugly for anyone exposing this administration either as a whistleblower or as a dissenting voice in the media. How bad are things going to get? Can things really get worse than they already are? Glenn explains on radio today. WATCH

Just when you thought Maxine Waters couldn’t get any dumber

Maxine Waters is known for putting her foot in her mouth. Who could forget the ‘this liberal will socialize’ slip-up when yelling at oil company executives. She’s up to her old tricks again, this time saying some things about databases and tracking people that Obama probably didn’t want her to dish. WATCH

Great new seats for Man In The Moon!

Glenn Beck’s summer stage spectacle, Man In The Moon, on July 6th at Salt Lake City’s “You-Suana” Amphitheater is approaching quickly and great new seats have just been released! There is a very limited supply, so act fast. Get your ticket HERE.

My Money, My Choice

Glenn is attending a big Cable News conference in Washington, DC this week – so keep making your presence known to your current cable TV provider. You have made your voice heard but you have to keep the momentum going – so call your cable provider and tell them “my money, my choice” and ask them to get TheBlaze TV and call 1-800-996-BLAZE. MORE

Tomorrow: Follow Glenn on Twitter & Facebook to get behind the scenes access to what he is up to in Washington D.C.

Glenn head’s to Washington D.C. tomorrow for the NCTA Cable Show. Glenn and TheBlaze will host a reception where they’ll be joined by Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Congressman Marsha Blackburn. Get special access to the event by following Glenn on Twitter and Facebook.

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Love, charity, and civil rights: Glenn lays out what the 9/12 movement is all about

Over the past few years, Glenn has been calling for a movement based on love, charity, peace and freedom. At the steps of the Lincoln Memorial he encouraged people to turn back to God, and in Dallas, TX he organized a Day of Service where thousands went out and served their fellow man. He’s told people to stand for their rights and to not be silent, and to be charitable and help their fellow man. At the same time, he’s also founded a news and information network and this summer will be starring in a groundbreaking and inspiring stage show. How do all of these things tie together? He explained on radio today.

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