Glenn’s interview with Bill O’Reilly

Glenn’s last words: Emotional silent monologue

Last night on TV, Glenn delivered a moving monologue without speaking a single word. Using cards, Glenn explained how he lost his voice again due to issues with his vocal chords. While doctors did say he’ll recover just fine, this experience has caused Glenn to ponder what he would say with his last words. It’s a truly special monologue – WATCH

How are fans reacting to Glenn’s silent monologue? See the responses HERE

Glenn’s latest book, The Eye of Moloch, comes out TODAY

Looking for a great Father’s Day gift? Glenn’s new thriller, The Eye of Moloch, is available in bookstores everywhere TODAY! The sequel to the #1 bestselling novel The Overton Window, The Eye of Moloch took nearly three years to write and is quickly turning into non-fiction. From the targeting of patriot groups by corrupt and ruthless enforcers to the co-opting of the press and the spying on citizens, The Eye of Moloch may soon turn from a novel into a history book. This year, give dad something that will not only entertain, but will also educate and inform. The Eye of Moloch is available everywhere TODAY.

Glenn’s interview with Bill O’Reilly

It’s always fascinating to hear Glenn chat it up with Bill O’Reilly. The pair don’t always agree on everything, and today was no different. How does Bill feel about the NSA scandal? Glenn found out and also talked with Bill about his latest children’s book. See the interview HERE.

2008: NSA mocked personal phone calls from the battlefield

The defenders of the NSA during this controversial time like to point out that they aren’t watching you, per se, but rather they’re just looking for patterns in the massive swaths of data collected. The problem is that claim is simply not true, as evidenced by the 2008 report detailing how NSA officials were listening in on American soldiers during their most intimate moments. MORE

Great new seats for Man In The Moon!

Glenn Beck’s summer stage spectacle, Man In The Moon, on July 6th at Salt Lake City’s “You-Suana” Amphitheater is right around the corner and great new seats have just been released! There is a very limited supply, so act fast. Get your ticket HERE.

Shock poll: Americans totally cool with gov snooping on them

Despite the shocking revelations coming out about how the government has engaged in widespread spying and data collection on the American people, a new poll shows that a majority of Americans are okay with the practice. Glenn explains why America is in deep, deep trouble, if that really turns out to be the case.

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Ice-T narrates pro-gun documentary

Glenn played a clip from a pro-gun documentary that seeks to change the public perception of gun ownership. It couldn’t come at a more needed time as Glenn shared other stories that demonstrate the sorry state of America. One town has even gone so far as to hold a gun-buyback program — for toy guns! STORY

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